Belt Conveyor

1.High throughput and great adaptability
The different model basically meet the customer requirements of different throughput. Belt conveyor can be used in temperature - 20 ℃ to + 40 ℃, the temperature of the conveying material below 50℃, it has high adaptability.

2.Parts standardization and convenient maintenance
The standardized production and the simple structure will do the quick maintenance operation

3.Non-slip and stability
According to the material and belt machine may appear sliding, my company provide "one" glyph belt machine, effectively solve the problems, enhance the stability of the belt machine.

4.Varieties of type and use agile
According to the different delivery requirement,the machine can be single use,also can use many sets of combination,or can be used in other transport equipment,composition inclined conveying system.

Operating principle:
1.Belt conveyor is mainly composed of frame,conveying belt, belt roller, tensioning device, a transmission device, etc. Body is made of high qualified, the before and after leg height difference to form the frame,a certain plane inclined angle.The frame is equipped with belt roller, roller, working for driving and supporting conveyor belt. It has two ways of speed motor drive and electric drum drive 
2.Belt conveyor according to the friction transmission principle and movement, According to the different delivery requirement, the machine can be single use, also can use many sets of combination, or can be used in other transport equipment, compost inclined conveying system, in order to meet different arrangement forms of production.

Application: Metal and non-metallic mining, etc

Material: It is suitable for crushing compressive strength which is not higher than 320 Mpa (Mpa) of all kinds of hard and soft ore, such as limestone,calcite, dolomite, barite, talc, calcium carbonate, gypsum, bentonite, glass, etc.

Belt width(mm) Belt length(m)/power(kw)  Belt speed(m/s)  Capacity(t/h)
400 ≤12/2.2 12-20/2.2-4 20-25/3.5-7.5 1.25-2.0 30-60
500 ≤12/3 12-20/3-5.5 20-30/5.5-7.5 1.25-2.0 40-80
650 ≤12/4 12-20/4-5.5 20-30/5.5-11 1.25-2.0 80-120
800 ≤10/4 10-15/4-5.5 15-30/5.5-15 1.25-2.0 120-200
1000 ≤10/5.5 10-20/5.5-11 20-40/11-22 1.25-2.0 200-320
1200 ≤10/7.5 10-20/7.5-15 20-40/15-30 1.25-2.0 290-480
1400 ≤10/11 10-20/11-22 20-40/22-45 1.25-2.0 400-680
1600 ≤10/15 10-20/22-30 20-50/30-75 1.25-2.0 600-1080

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