Hail impact tester

Functional Overview:
The device is specially designed for performing a hockey impact test on a solar cell to verify the ability of the battery component to withstand the impact of the impact. The sample is placed horizontally on the test platform, the launching device is located above the sample, and the ice hockey is launched from top to bottom, and the sample is fixed by the sample. The method of moving the launching device performs automatic aiming and positioning between different impact points; the device is composed of a sample platform, a numerical control positioning device, an ice hockey launching device, an ice hockey production and storage device, etc.; the sample platform is made of industrially formed aluminum material, and the sample is on the platform. In a horizontal state, the plexiglass shield around the platform prevents test debris; the numerical control positioning device is used for the positioning of the launching point, the numerical control dual-axis drive, with the light point indicating device, after positioning and setting the relevant data, the device automatically moves the muzzle The impact point is aligned without manual operation; the launching device uses compressed air as the power source, and adjusts the impact speed by adjusting the compressed air pressure. The punching speed is detected by the electronic speed measuring component installed in the launching tube; the device adopts PLC+ human-machine interface control. , the impact point position, impact speed and other values ??can be on the human-machine interface Equipment, zero point manual setting, the impact process can be done automatically by the PLC.

The main function:
1, Chinese operation interface, set the impact position, impact speed, hail parameters, time and other parameters.
2, 2D stepping drive system, interface can set the displacement.
3. Programmable control automatically performs multi-point impact experiments.
4. The launch speed of the ice hockey is regulated by the pressure of the compressed air.
5, spot fixed point aiming function, easy to determine the location of the impact point

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