Hail impact tester

The test machine can confirm and verify that the module can withstand the impact of hail, and is suitable for the hail impact test in IEC61215. The equipment can achieve multi-point continuous accurate positioning, and is not limited by weather conditions. The hail impact tester is a universal testing platform to verify whether the components can withstand hail impact.

Working principle:

The air compressor compresses the air to the gas storage tank. The outer pressure gauge and the inner diameter *** pipe are connected with an air valve, which is controlled by a large solenoid valve.
Photoelectric speed measuring device is installed at the front end of *** tube. Adjust the pressure gauge to make the ice hockey meet the standard impact speed.
Make ice hockey mould with inner diameter of 25mm. The ice hockey ball is placed in the *** tube, the solenoid valve is opened, and the compressed air pushes the ice hockey ball to impact the photovoltaic module at a speed of 23 m/s. After being impacted by ice hockey balls, the quality of the components can be judged by appearance inspection, maximum power test and insulation resistance test.

System composition:

1、Pneumatic launcher: The power source is air. A gas storage device is needed to store the air-conditioning pressure and adjust the speed of ice hockey launching in the launching tube by adjusting the change of air pressure. Pneumatic launcher needs hardware cooperation, including high-pressure air source, pressure regulating equipment (pressure regulating valve and cylinder), gas pipe and electromagnetic valve.

2、Mechanical moving device: The computer controls the mechanical transmission device to change the moving position of the *** tube, and uses infrared fixed point to aim. The mechanical movement is realized by stepper motor drive mode. The stepper motor has the advantages of fast and accurate positioning. It can complete the positioning requirements in a very short time. The positioning accuracy is less than 1 mm, and the cumulative error of the experiment is less than 5 mm, which is far less than the requirement of IEC standard that the specified position deviation is not more than 10 mm, so as to ensure the reliability of the experiment.

3、Sample fixator: According to the size of the sample, the mechanical movable device and sample fixator are designed. The standard size 2000*1350 (L*H) can cover the effective surface of the component under test within the size 2000*1350.

4、Velocity testing device: The distance between the two photoelectric sensors is 50 cm before the transmitter, and the velocity is obtained by v=s/t, which can be displayed in real time and changed when the next sample is measured. The speed testing device consists of three parts: detection sensor, high-speed response module and software module. The system uses stable photoelectric sensors and programmable controllers to achieve, and provides HMI human-machine interface as the operation terminal, with external printers to form experimental data reports.

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