MechanicalOptical Switch Bypass 2X2B


XH-OSW-2X2B bypass mechanical optical switch is a kind of optical path control device, which has the function of controlling the optical path and converting the optical path; it can realize that the whole optical path cannot communicate normally when the power failure occurs at a certain point of the single-fiber multi-point equipment. Bypassing the power-off point, the optical path can operate normally. It plays an important role in optical communication applications. Optical switches are mainly used in multi-channel optical monitoring in optical transmission systems, LAN multi-light source/detector automatic switching, and optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring system optical test systems for optical fibers, optical devices, networks and field engineering optical cables Test; optical device installation and adjustment.


●Low insertion loss, wide wavelength range

●Low channel crosstalk, high stability, high reliability

●Simple control, small size, easy to embed in the circuit board

●Locking and non-locking control types can be selected


Parameter Parameter Value
Model XH-OSW-2X2B
Insertion loss(dB) Typ:0.5 Max:1.0
Wavelength Range(nm) 800~1310 & 1260~1650
Working Wavelength(nm) 850/980/1310 & 1310/1550/1625
Return Loss(dB) MM≥30 & SM≥50
Channel Crosstalk(dB) MM≥35 & SM ≥55
PDL(dB) ≤0.05
WDL(dB) ≤0.25
TDL(dB) ≤0.25
Repeatability(dB) ≤±0.02
Switching Times(Times) ≥107
Switching Time(ms) ≤8
Transmission Power(mW) ≤500
Operating Voltage(V) 3 or 5
Operating Temperature(℃) -20~+70
Storage Temperature(℃) -40~+85
Package Cize(mm) (L)27.0×(W)12.5×(H)8.4±0.2

Tip: The above are commonly used optical switch parameters, if you have other requirements, please consult and customize.

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