Two-Part, 1 To 1 Mix Ratio Silicone Potting - 4313-AB


Flammability,UL-94V0 certification

Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, weather, ultraviolet light and aging, excellent performance of insulation and thermal conductivity

Mix ratio 1:1, mixed color is W/G, low viscosity, good flowability, long working time, Rapid integrated curing speed, suitable for encapsulation of extensive module.

Superior heat curing feature allows a wide range of area and depth of sealing parts, smooth surface and out from within.

GOLOHO-4313(W)-AB is a2 part silicone adhesiveparticularly designed for electrical industrial. It will form rubber elastomer non-corrosive to metal at room or low temperature .


Stirred thoroughly before mixing

Mixed in 1:1 ratio by weight

Agitation: mixed thoroughly by low speed agitation

Foam scrubbing: evacuation for 5 minutes after mixing. Dispose it if a small amount of operation or no critical request of foam.

Encapsulation: pour into the article immediately after agitation and foam scrubbing thoroughly, it can flow flat naturally

Curing 1:curing at room temperature for 2.5 hours. The cure rate is rapidly accelerated with heat

Curing 2: curing by oven. After 30 min standing and foam scrubbing thoroughly and preliminary curing at room temperature, the encapsulant will be cured at 70℃ for 20 minutes



GOLOHO-4302W (G) -AB





White(grey), Flowing

White flowing White, Flowing


Viscosity cP

4000±500 (25°C)

4000±500 (25°C)

Mix ratio(weight/volume)



Cured mechanical properties

Working time (25℃)h


Cure conditions

Durometer JIS A


Tensile strength MPa


Elongation %


Thermal conductivity W/m·K



Electrical properties

Volume resistivity Ω﹒cm


Dielectric strength kV/mm



Curing processing will be prevented if contact with condensed silicone rubber and gas released, N, P, S, heavy metal chemicals

Wear an eye-patch and gloves during operation, keep the environment be ventilated

Packaging: A, 25kg, B, 25kg

Storage: shelf life is 6 months when it stored in cool dry place under the condition of 22℃ and RH<55%. Keep out of the reach of children.

Without notice, the contents of this article may be changed due to the product performance improvement and specification.

We just only ensure the specifications of our products. You have to test the rtv greasebefore using to conform if it is suitable for your use.

Our products are developed for general industrial use.

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