Low Cost Mining Slurry Pumps , Mining Mechanical Parts

lurry pump—Product application

The lining parts of XPA rubber slurry pump are made of Xinhai rubber which wins international prominence and recognizing by its extraordinary abrasion resistance. XPA rubber slurry pump is the ideal instrument of conveying corrosive materials whose maximum density is below 65% (by weight) and whose temperature is in the range of 40°C~70°C. It has advantages as follows: smooth operation; energy saving; low noise; high flow and head; low production cost; high efficiency; easy maintenance; long service life.

Application range

Concentrating/metallurgical plant: it deliveries a variety of slurries.

Sand plant: it feeds water and mineral sands to all kinds of classifying and dehydrating equipments.

Coal preparation plant: it deliveries coal pulps; it also classifies, screens and conveys materials of heavy medium.

Ceramic and glass plant: it is used to convey porcelain clay and sands, feed hydraulic cyclone, and dispose effluent.

Steel plant: it conveys slurry, rust and corrosive liquid.

Please specify it to us if the pump is applied to places where oil or chemical stuffs are present.

Low Cost Mining Slurry Pumps , Mining Mechanical Parts

Working principle

slurry pump—Product principle

The course of using centrifugal force to increase pressure on conveying medium is also the course of transmitting and transforming energy. With impellers, the pump transforms and transmits mechanical energy produced by motor into pressure energy and kinetic energy for fluid.

The pump consists of shell and impellers which are situated on the main shaft and constitute an integral part with prime mover. Prime mover drives impellers to rotate and then impellers drives fluid to rotate, which increase the kinetic energy and potential energy. The pressurized water process and the water absorption process simultaneously take place. The pressurized water process occurs and consists of three stages: liquid is moved from impeller center to rim by the inertia force; liquid moves off impellers and enters into discharge chamber; liquid is discharged via discharging pipes. When liquid moves from impeller center towards rim, a low pressure area around impeller center is formed. When the vacuum around impeller center is high enough, liquid is absorbed in absorption chamber and sent towards impellers by the pressure of absorption end (the pressure is usually the atmospheric pressure). With the continuous operation of impellers, liquid is continuously absorbed and discharged.

Low Cost Mining Slurry Pumps , Mining Mechanical Parts

Technology parameter

slurry pump—Technology parameter

Specification Flow rate

50/50 20-60 38 800-2400 22 51 200 156 725×482×491
80/80 30-100 45 600-2100 45 53 256 326 915×590×595
100/100 60-160 50 600-1600 75 57.5 340 440 999×648×660
150/125 100-260 47 400-1400 110 63 372 608 1280×736×758
200/150 160-450 47 450-1200 132 69 433 736 1313×788×822
250/200 300-900 46 400-1200 250 78 454 1250 1600×812×956
300/250 400-1500 45 300-900 600 73 610 1956 1698×966×1083


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