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Henan Uters International CO.,LTD was established in Henan Province,Zhengzhou City,City area,North Third Ring Road, is Chinese earlier established Buy good pleated filter company. Henan Uters International CO.,LTDis Headquartered in Henan ProvinceZhengzhou City , it set up a subsidiary in Henan Province andZhengzhou City ,whom are special Filtertechnicians.

   Henan Uters International CO.,LTD have Buy good pleated filterx1dd01f6n,pleated filter the cheapest price,Suction Filter expense standard,Emerging pleated filter,Good quality and not expensive Suction Filter,Suction Filter good or not and other areas of expertise, combined with excellent service capabilities, To provide customers with professional, customized Engineering machinery filters. Moreover, since the establishment of a long time ago,the Filter equipment and accessoriesbusiness of UTERS has always maintained a high-speed and stable growth. details:
Introduction of mechanical filters

The mechanical filter, also known as the pressure filter, is an important part of the pre - pretreatment and water purification system for pure water preparation. Made of steel rubber lining or stainless steel, according to the different filter media for natural quartz sand filter, multi medium filter, active carbon filter, manganese sand filter, the water can be divided into single and double flow type filter filter, according to the actual situation can be used can also be used alone.
The automatic mechanical filter is suitable for the industrial and mining enterprises and urban water treatment equipment which can meet the drinking water quality standard of industrial water or domestic water, which is usually filtered at 5 mg / liter after filtration. It has a good removal effect on the suspended solids in industrial sewage. The cohesive colloidal particles that cannot be removed by precipitation method can be used to make water transparent through the filter layer that is suspended in the pressure filter.
Mechanical filter, pressure filter is preprocessing the preparation of pure water, an important part of water purification system, the materials are made of stainless steel or rubber liner, filter medium for different uses and functions are different. In general, there are quartz sand filters, active carbon filters, and manganese sand filters. According to the actual situation, it can be used alone and can be used jointly.
The medium of the multi-media filter is quartz sand, anthracite and so on. The function is to filter the mechanical impurity and organic matter of the suspended matter and so on, to reduce the turbidity of the water. The active carbon filter medium is activated carbon, the purpose is to adsorb and remove the pigment, organic matter, chlorine and colloid in the water. The medium of manganese sand filter is manganese sand, which mainly removes two valence iron ions in water.
Working principle
Mechanical filter is based on one or several filtration media under certain pressure, so that the raw liquid can be removed through the medium, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. The packing material is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, porous ceramic, manganese sand, and so on, users can choose to use according to the actual situation.
Mechanical filter mainly uses filler to reduce turbidity in water, interception and removal of suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal particles, microbes, chlorine smell and some heavy metal ions, so as to make water purification one of the traditional ways of water treatment. Working principle: mechanical filter (also known as multi medium filter, quartz sand filter). It is a pressure filter, which uses the refined quartz sand filter material filled in the filter. When the water flows through the filter layer from top to bottom, the suspended solids and colloidal particles in the water are removed, so that the turbidity of the water decreases. Performance: it is mainly used for pretreatment of water treatment, such as turbidity removal, softening water, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. It can also be used in surface water, groundwater and so on. It can effectively remove suspended matter in water, organic matter, colloid, sediment and so on>

   Adhering to the "dedication, hardworking and thrifty, struggle, innovation" spirit of enterprise, UTERSbases on long-term development, technology as the core, market-oriented, and constantly open up new areas, undertaking to provide fast, high-quality ser


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