Hard Magnesium Silicate Insulation Board Used for Electrolyt

Hard Magnesium Silicate Insulation Board is produced by mixing a blend of ultra-low conductivity raw materials with an inorganic polymer binder. As a finished product it retains such physical features as non-inflammability, heat insulation and sound absorption, and does not contain any hazardous substances.   

The finished hard magnesium silicate insulation board does not contain any silicon metal. The board can be produced as a single-step process, without the need for any finishing stages, according to the customer’s specific requirements. This, therefore, avoids environmental pollution such as large amounts of dust as a result of additional process steps. Since it has a lower thermal conductivity than other similar products the board can be used for applications such as the insulation lining of electrolytic cells for aluminium production. When compared with alumino-silicate fibre board, aluminum leakage can be significantly reduced with the use of hard magnesium silicate insulation boards in this application. Additionally, there are no harmful gas emissions during the heating-up process. Thehard magnesium silicate insulation board is now the natural choice as a green and environmentally-friendly material which is completely non-toxic.

Properties and Advantages:

  1. High compressive strength;
  2. No vapours evolved during the heating-up process, green and environmentally-friendly;
  3. Low thermal conductivity;
  4. High electrical resistance;
  5. Good thermal resistance;
  6. Ease of handling and installation;
  7. Hard, stable and adequate mechanical stability;

Good range of size availability, straightforward construction.


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