Debris Fence

Debris Fence

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Chain & Shade Netting

Chain & shade netting is a rigid shade cloth product created by combining heavy duty shade cloth with chain link wire mesh to create a vertical protection barrier.

premium quality shade cloth fabric is applied to strong yet lightweight chain link fencing, and supplied in a convenient 50 meter roll. It is quick and easy to fix to scaffolding and measures 1.8m wide to cover large swathes of scaffolding in one hit.

Scaffold netting also provides a visual barrier for added privacy and security.


Standard Chain & Shade (Scaffold mesh attached)

Available in the following sizes:

· 1.8m x 7.5mm

· 1.8m x 10m

· 1.8m x 15m

Features & Benefits:

· Reduced Tangling

· Increased Durability

· Easier To Install & Dismantle

· More Re-usage

· More Colours To Choose From

Scaffold netting, also known as debris netting, guardrail netting, floor-to-ceiling debris netting or construction netting is an effective way to enclose your site.

Used to create a wind barrier and control dust and debris on construction projects, it reduces environmental impact on surrounding areas by containing rubbish within the confines of the site. Additionally, construction site mesh can increase pedestrian and worker safety by protecting tools and equipment from falling.


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Material HDPE with UV stabilizer add.
Attribute Weight Technics Wire Width Length Temp Shape
60-300g/m2 warp
round or
flat wire
1m-6m Customized -40°C ~ +80°C Customized
Color blue,green,grey,yellow,red,brown,orange,white,black,or as order
Size 1) Hot selling,4*50m,(in roll)1.8*6m (5pc,10pc,20pc/bundle)
2) Any sizes are available as per customer's request
Shade Rate 30%-35%,40%-45%,70%-75%,90%-95%

This high density knitted polyethylene mesh netting has a basic stitched edge to help prevent fraying and tearing. It allows air to pass through and will not act as a sail.

Fortress Fencing’s site mesh blocks up to 70% of ultraviolet rays, giving both shade and great UV protection to workers. It is available in blue, orange or green to suit your specific requirements.


· 70% UV Blockout

· 50 metre x 1.8 metre roll, or contact us for custom sizes

· Strong wire mesh and shade cloth combination

· Available in green, orange or blue

· Creates a protected, shaded enclosure for workers

· Tear resistant and will not unravel when cut

· Keeps debris contained, and prevents tools and loose items from falling to street level

Chain link fence and shade net combined with C nails




Plastic grid + safety net

Benefit of scaffold protection mesh

Durable Designed

- It is designed reuse many times. After one job use, only 50% Chain wire + Shade cloth can reuse one more time. It maximum last two jobs. Other type of meshes can last on the average 3 jobs and maximum 5 jobs. Scaffold mesh can last more jobs if it is properly used. This is another big save to customers.

Fire Retardant

- Welding is one of the hazards for scaffolding in high raise buildings. It often causes fire of scaffolding mesh. DCL Mesh is un-flammable product.

Multiple Uses

- This product has different sizes. 1.9m size is used for normal scaffolding protection. 1m size can use it on top scaffolding deck or replace scaffolding brickguards. It can be used as fencing and other areas.

Transport and Storage Easy

DCL scaffold protection Mesh can easily overlap or fold back. There are no bulky corners and laps. It takes small space on transport and storage.

Colour:Blue & Green are the basic colors.

We can supply other color according to customer orders.


Name mesh size widthXlength weight
Scaffold protection mesh 50X50mm 0.95mX15m 12.5kg
50X50mm 1.8mX15m 27.5kg

Size : 1.8X15m

Weight : 0.8kgs/m2

Mesh size : 5.5cm



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