3 Axles 40ft Flatbed Container Transport Semi Truck Trailer

Ultraton's 3 axles 40ft Truck Traileris upgraded model for standard 40ft container can meet your different need on container transport. It can be modified according to customer's requirement.

Overview of 3 Axles 40ft Flatbed Container Transport Semi Truck Trailer

Ultraton has 40 ft semi trailer for sale.

Scientific design with advanced computer-aided design software, finite element analysis of the frame according to vehicle load quality requirements

Flange and web width & thickness could be customized

Steel material we use is high strength low alloy steel Q345.

Specific auto hydraulic I beam straightening machine for more accuracy

Welded by automatic submerged-arc process and skilled technicians. Complete chassis shot blasting to clean rust and remove welding stress

Assembled on air pressure assembly platform to ensure stable and durable structure

Different thickness of diamond pattern floor plate is optional

Axles could be optional for German type or American type

Suspension is optional for mechanical suspension, air suspension.

Advantage of 3 Axles 40ft Container TransportSemi Truck Trailer

Mature technology, could be produced in large quantity at competitive cost

Lighter weight with high strength to transport container

Packing solution in CKD/ SKD/CBU is optional according to different project.

Advanced manufacturing equipment and workmanship to ensure outstanding performance

Complete and flexible service from our professional team

Distinct location to get full range support on delivery and manufacturing

Ultraton's long term tenet to be your reliable partner bringing you Greater value makes you worry free on after sales service.


3 Axles 40ft Flatbed Container Transport Semi Truck Trailer

Tare Weight(KG)


Loading Capacity(KG)




Main Beam

The height of the beam is 500 mm, upper Flange is14mm, Lower Flange is 14mm,Web is 8mm.


2''/ 3.5'',Welded/Bolt-In

Landing Gear

Standard 28Ton , FUWA Brand


Standard FUWA Brand / ULTRATON Brand

Optional : BPW Brand or HuaJing Brand


Mechanical Suspension/Air Suspension,Standard FUWA Brand/ULTRATON Brand

Optional : BPW Brand or HuaJing Brand

Leaf Spring

Standard FUWA Brand/ULTRATON Brand

90mm*16*7 or 90*16*8

Brake system

Dual Air Brake (Drum) System, With Inter-Locking Device.WABCO Relay

Emergency Valve,OPTIONS: ABS.

Electrical System

24 Volt LED Electrical System In Accordance To The Standard, With 7-Core Adaptor For Tractor.



Shot Blasting & Painting

Shot Blasting and Sanding Treatment . Two Coat Of Anti Corrosion Primer and

Two Coat Of Finish Painting

Mud Guard

Fabricated Mud Guard 6 nos

Tool Box

1 Standard (The Tool Box Size Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Needs)

Container Locks

4/8/12 Screw type

Spare Tire Carrier

Equippedonesets per chassis without spare tire.


According To Customer’s Requirement

We Can Build The Trailer According To Customer’s Design And Requirement.

Ultraton's 40ft container semi trailercould be used as a basic model to transport standard size of container in ports or from site to site on road. Suitable for logistic company, terminal ports, shipping lines, forwarders, truck manufacturer.

FoshanUltratonEngineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professionalsemi truck trailer manufacturers, we provide short flatbed semi trailer, 40ft flatbed truck, china semi trailerand etc. Want to know 40 ft truck trailer dimensions? Please contact us.


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