Sheet Metal Processing

Premium machining service is professional in a wide range of sheet metal parts, in addition to systems for stamping, bending, punching, laser processes, we also offer systems for laser cutting and laser welding applications, in every new development we adapt to customer's need to obtain a product with high quality standard by our cost effective, reliable manufacture solution, we will support you with all of your sheet metal projects from the design to complete production control.

Choose Sheet Bending ProcessServices

Sheet Metal Stamping

Premium can handle both complex and short turnaround projects.

Sheet Metal Press Die

Premium provides precision sheet metal stamping services, as well as tool and die manufacturing capabilities.

Sheet Metal Forming

Premium provide sheet metal prototyping and low volume production runs services by sheet metal forming.

Sheet Metal Welding

Premium not only combines the sheet metal parts by rivets and screws but also by welding.

Sheet Metal Application Cases

Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication

Automotive Metal Stamping

Motor Housing Sheet Metal Fabrication

Infrared Heater Sheet Metal Fabrication

Electronic Enclosures Sheet Metal Fabrication

FAQ For Sheet Metal Processing

Are You A Factory Or A Trading Company?

We are a manufacturer, our sheet metal stamping factory was founded in the year 2006.

What Kind Of Prototype Sheet Metal Parts Do You Make?

What Materials Do You Use For Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts You Are Making Currently?

Can You Do Some Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication For Us Without Mold ?

What's Machining Sheet Metal Packing ?

What Kinds Of CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Treatment You Can Offer?

Premium is a reliable steel plate fabricators, we provide custom metal fabrication services, precision sheet metal fab, aluminium sheet production, custom stainless & sheet metal, bending thin sheet metal, brass cnc turned parts, precise machining & manufacturing, plastic injection mold and molding, custom plastic injection mouldingand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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