CNC Turning Service

Our CNC turning service produces most cylindrical and conical shaped parts on the CNC lathes. CNC Turning is a machining process in which material bar is held by a chuck and rotated while a cutting tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the expected shapes, our live tooling is available for more complex parts and produced on a single machine for axial, radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots as fast as 1 day.

Advantages Of Premium's CNC Turning Service

Turning process

Face turning to produce a flat surface

Form turning for complex geometric shapes

Taper turning for shaft-shaped turned parts

Thread turning for the manufacture of CNC turned parts with threads

Roller turning for the production of rotationally symmetrical rolling surfaces



Minimum Tolerance





Fast Turnaround

Min 3 days

How Does CNC Turning Work?

CNC turning a machining process that used to make cylindrical parts, during the CNC turning process, a metal or plastic rod is rotated while a cutting tool is held against the stock to remove material and create final parts. The lathe rapidly processes your parts in a subtractive turning process with additional live tooling. There are four different types of turning, straight turning, profiling turning, taper turning and external grooving.

A center with both turning and milling capabilities can stop rotation to allow for milling out of other shapes. Turning parts on CNC turning centers allows for a wide range of sizes, material types and complexities.

The starting material can be round, square or hexagonal-shaped.

CNC with live tooling can stop rotation to add additional features like drilled holes, slots and milled surfaces.

The tools in CNC lathes or turning centers are digitally controlled.

Some CNC turning centers allow work to be completed on both sides by employing an additional spindle.

CNC turning centers vary in tooling and spindle options, as well as outer diameter (OD) limitations.

These processes produce various shapes such as straight, curved, conical, or grooved workpiece. Turning parts can be left as-machined, with visible tool marks, or bead blasting. When the process is complete, parts are inspected, packed and shipped shortly.

Material and Surface Finishes

There are wide options for material and surface finishes, surface finishes are applied after milling and turning and can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance of the produced parts.


Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper


ABS, Nylon 6, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, HDPE, Delrin (POM-H), Acetal (POM-C), PVC or upon request

Surface finishes:

As Machined



Black oxide

Bead Blasting

Anodized Clear or Color

Powder Coating



&More upon request

Premium is a professional quality machining & metalworks inc(turned parts company), we provide cnc sheet metal fabrication, small turned parts, cnc milling turning, precision turned components, cnc turning products, brass cnc turned partsand etc. Want to know cnc turning service priceor cnc turning price, please contact us.


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