RF Admittance Level Switch

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FEEJOY RF Admittance Level Switchmeasures the medium through high-frequency wireless waves, which is a more advanced RF admittancetechnology to exchange capacitance measurement. The RF type level switch consists of three sensor units: Measuring probe, Shield and Ground terminal. Our FRFS series RF level switch is widely used in the alarm and control of liquid, slurry, material level and two liquid interface levels. Compared with other similar RF admittance level switch products, it has higher system stability and may work reliably even under extremely harsh field conditions. And the RF type level switch is not suffering from the hanging material, temperature, pressure, density, humidity, and even the chemical properties of the fabric.

Features of RF Admittance Level Switch

It can measure the liquid level and material level, and can meet the measurement requirements of different temperatures, pressures, and media.

It is not affected by the rf capacitance level sensorhanging material and does not need to be cleaned regularly to avoid wrong measurement.

There are no moving parts in the measurement process, and there is no problem with damage to mechanical parts.

No maintenance, intelligent adjustment-free.

Contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam and stirring on the measurement.

The measurement quantity is diversified, which makes the measurement more accurate, the measurement is not affected by environmental changes, and the stability is high.

Reliable product performance and long service life.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for RF admittance level switch among all level switches manufacturers, which include material, working pressure, output, etc.

Specification of RF Admittance Level Switch

We can manufacture according to customer's specification kike below:

Product Name

radio frequency admittance fuel level controller

Wetted part Material

SUS304 and SUS 316L

HS Code


Working Pressure

Max 3.0 MPa

Process temperature

Max 800 deg c


DPDT relay(double-pole double-throw)

Contact Capacity

220VAC, 5A-no sense, 3A-sense

Response Time

Delay Time

Explosion-proof Grade

Explosion-proof: dIIBT4~T6

Process connection

thread/ flange, etc

Application of RF Admittance Level Switch

Conductive and insulating liquids: Chemical industry, oil field, water and sewage treatment

Conductive and insulating paste: Paper, pharmaceutical, water and sewage treatment

Powder: Ash, powder, Power plant, metallurgy, cement

Particles: coal, grain power, plant, metallurgy, grain

Interface: two different liquids, oil field, chemical industry

The RF admittance level switch is the RF admittance level meter, and the potentiometer W1 of the radio frequency admittance level meter is a sensitivity adjustment potentiometer: the LED two-color display lamp lights in green when there is no material, and the red light when there is one. After the meter is powered on, the green light is on when the level is lower than the set value.

At this time, slowly adjust the potentiometer W1 clockwise until the red light is on, and then adjust it 3 times counterclockwise (0.5 to 3 times for non-conductive materials, conductive material 5 ~ 7 circles) and the green light is on (the status of the output relay's contacts should change with the change of the traffic light display state). According to the measurement part of different RF admittance level transmitters, it should be covered by materials at about 75mm.


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