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With the continuous improvement of people requirements for the quality of life, the travel pilot head is used more and more in daily life. Some people even carry the travel pilot head with them.The difference between it and ordinary household pillows is that it is convenient to carry, fashionable in appearance and ready to serve you.Let you at work, driving, in the journey to help you relax at any time.

Memory soft travel pillow is the best choice for travel, watching TV and reading at home, or taking a comfortable nap at the office. Perfect gift for your friends and family.

Constructed of 100% pure memory foam, Travel Neck Pillow is specifically designed to offer you 360-degree neck and head support, allowing you to relax and relieve the neck pain.

High-quality memory foam - with unique foam formula, the memory foam provides a soft, great but long-lasting support for you.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The lobe design of the travel pillow allows your neck and head to lean comfortably against it. Freely adjust the rope lock to meet different neck size requirements.

BREATHABLE and skin-friendly COVER - Two-ply, sweat-resistant covers keep you cool and dry offer the best experience.

Memory Soft Travel Pillow Features

Travel pilot head is widely used in daily life. When driving, it can be used as a back. When driving, the headcover of the travel pilot can rest on the neck to relax and help sleep. When office white-collar workers take a lunch break, they can hug the pillow with both hands and lie down for a nap. The arm is not tired and sleeps steadily, avoiding nerve compression on the arm, eyeball and face;

The travel pilot head can be used as a backrest. It is convenient to carry. It is a helper for home and travel. It is convenient to carry and does not occupy the space of your backpack.

Detailed Characteristics of Memory Soft Travel Pillow

Texpack is a travel pillow factory, our memory soft travel pillow is popular for the following characteristics:

The unique ergonomic principle design

Beautiful and easy to clean

It is made of warm memory cotton

Suitable for all office use, effectively prevent cervical strain

Suitable for long-distance driving to prevent cervical fatigue caused by long-term driving

It can be used for a lunch break or bolster during office hours

For travel, it can relieve cervical discomfort caused by long-term travel

Use of Memory Soft Travel Pillow


Take a nap with your hands around the pillow. The arm is not tired and sleeps steadily, avoiding nerve compression on the arm, eyeball, and face;


The U-shaped pillow is specially designed for riding rest according to the principle of the human body, which has the function of relaxing pressure and helping sleep. The U-shaped pillow is especially suitable for long-distance driving, which can make the driver's head adjust 15-20 degrees, avoid the compression of the jugular vein, slow down fatigue, and is conducive to safe driving. You can also use the U-shaped pillow as a furniture accessory. When you watch TV, play with children, read books, or just rest, you can enjoy its comfort. Cross the two ends of the U-shaped pillow, or bend it to support the back, head, and neck, because it is so elastic, you have a variety of positions to meet the needs of your body. The U-shaped pillow is suitable for everyone in your family. It can provide the most comfortable support regardless of height and weight.

Memory Soft Travel Pillow Parameter


30x30x10/7 cm


Memory foam


convenience, comfortable

Outer cover

white color velvet 260gsm, polyester/cotton, with zipper, washable in 60C

Inner cover

White knitted fabric, 110gsm


each one compressed into a cylinder bag, 10PCS/CTN

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