BESTTOP single door undercounter refrigeratordesigned using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety and the best value in today's food service marketplace.

BESTTOP commercial under counter fridge with high-efficiency components. Heavy-duty stainless steel working tops. Stainless steel doors with ergonomic, full-length, robust, perfectly integrated handle.

Under Counter Refrigerator VS Upright Refrigerator

There are several differences between under counter refrigerator and upright refrigerator as below:

● The refrigerator under the counter is a great way to save space. The depth of the refrigerator under the counter can be changed. Depth can determine the storage capacity of appliances under the counter.

● Under counter refrigerator can enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen and help to provide an excellent commercial kitchen layout.

● The initial cost of, under counter refrigerator is higher than that of other refrigerators. Prices may vary according to their characteristics.

● Under counter appliances provide secure access to the stored food products. For commercial kitchens, it can greatly save time in finding and choosing food, thus reducing the hourly cost.

Uses Of Under Counter Refrigerator

● The total height of the under counter refrigerator can be adjusted. So Mostly used in school and hotel kitchens.

Office buildings or commercial buildings will also choose this type of refrigerator.

● According to the decoration style and layout of the home, you can choose the appropriate size and style to adapt to the overall atmosphere.

● A refrigerator under the counter is installed under the bar of the commercial bar, and the service staff can get it easily and quickly.

● It is also the icing on the cake in the courtyard, which can keep the food fresh and the drinks refrigerated, making it convenient for the family to take it at any time when they are relaxing in the courtyard.

● If it is a small apartment or room, under counter refrigerator can effectively save energy and space.

Details of commercial table top refrigerator

Commercial table top refrigerator is the best choice for convenience stores, coffee shops, to display food and product. It can ensure food safe in a proper temperature for quick sale. This kind of device can attract the customer’s attention to the products, including ice cream, frozen entrees and other frozen foods. Besides, the whole design would save space for commercial use.

How To Choose An Under Counter Refrigerator

You need to know in advance whether this is a necessity for you. If you have a freezer, you will want to know whether it provides manual or automatic defrosting, as well as its capacity. Most of these devices keep refrigerators in the same cubicle as refrigerators.

You need to consider in which direction you want the door to open.

Some models provide flip doors that can be installed and opened on the right or left according to your specific needs.

You need to consider whether you need to store wine, drinks or other bottles, cans, fruits and vegetables, all of which are equipped with different types of freezer, to choose the appropriate temperature type has been separated.

You need to carefully check the external dimensions of the refrigerator compared to the space you want to put in the refrigerator. (height x width x depth).

It is important to consider the purchase price, and it is also important to calculate the estimated energy cost for one year in advance for long-term costs such as operating costs, that is, energy use.

As an great under counter refrigerator manufacturer, BESTTOP offers excellent under counter refrigerators for the customer’s different demands.

Benefits of Under Counter Refrigerator

● Flexible size and functional combination to store food, drinks, wine or ice cubes as your need.

● Undercounter refrigerator has a single-temperature zone or double-temperature zone, which can store food and beverages on demand.

● The refrigerator model is flexible to install and seamlessly integrates with your existing kitchen design to save space.

● Equipped with smooth stainless steel or glass exterior walls, glass doors are easy to choose and stainless steel doors are easier to clean.

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