Tear gas powder, tear gas solutionis usually called tear gas to stimulate the nerves of the lacrimal gland through tear gas to produce tears. It is a chemical raw material with low fatality rate. It is divided into CS powder, CS liquid, PAVA, OC water-soluble, OC oil-soluble, OC powder, capsaicin, CR powder. The main purpose of the product is to disperse people and as an explosion-proof agent. To prevent riots and other related terrorist activities after gatherings of people. The treatment and prevention of infections exposed to this product are relatively simple. Common tear gas reagents currently used as tear gasedbombs include pepper spray (OC gas), PAVA spray, CS gas, capsaicin and so on. The purity of our related products exceeds 95%.

Types Of Tear gas factoryin China

CS Powder

CS gas powder is also called o chlorobenzylidene malononitrile whose cas no is 2698 41 1. The cs irritant powder is usually a solid or liquid compound atomized by a gas, which can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs.

CS Liquid

CS capsaicin liquid is another form of cs powder, which can be used as chemical raw materials for tear sprayer and tear spraying police cars and military uses.

OC Powder

OC Capsicum Capsaicin Powder: Capsaicin oc powder(8 methyl n vanillyl 6 nonenamide) is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum.

OC Liquid

Oleoresin capsicum is obtained by solvent extraction of red chili, Capsicum annuum L., (family: Solanaceae). Permitted food additives are added to make the product water soluble.


Capsaicin(PAVA): Capsaicin(PAVA) (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum.

CR Powder

Dibenz[b,f][1,4]Oxazepine, CR Powder is a kind of rw material to make stimulant and tear bomb.


Tear Gas Chem

CS Powder

CS Liquid

OC Powder

OC Liquid


CR Powder

Industry Chemical Powder

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FAQs of Teargas Raw Chemical Materials

QWhat is tear gas chemically?

The compound 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (also called o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile; chemical formula: C10H5ClN2), a cyanocarbon, is the defining component of tear gas commonly referred to as CS gas, which is used as a riot-control agent.

QIs tear gas a highly lethal chemical?

No, this is a very low lethal chemical, mainly used to disperse people

QWhat neutralizes tear gas?

Keep away from the center, such as touching, rinse eyes, nose, and mouth with milk

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