2-Methyl Anthraquinone

2 methylanthraquinoneis also called tectoquinone and it belongs to 2-alkyl substituted anthraquinone series products. 2-Methyl anthraquinone is an important organic intermediate. 2 methyl anthraquinoneis also used in the preparation of photosensitive compounds, dyes, photo sieve resins, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. 2-Methylanthraquinone can be prepared by one-step cyclization of 2 - (4 '- methylbenzoyl) benzoic acid. 2-Methyl anthraquinone has some upstream and downstream products: upstream raw material: aluminum trichloride > fuming sulfuric acid > phthalic anhydride > 2 - (p-toluenyl) benzoic acid; downstream products: emodin --- reduced orange 9 --- acid blue 47

Overview of 2-Methyl Anthraquinone

2-alkyl anthraquinone is prepared by the reaction of phthalic anhydride and toluene. Can be chlorinated to get 1-chloro-2-methyl anthraquinone. Nitration yields 1-nitro-2-ethyl anthraquinone, which can be reduced to 1-amino-2-methyl derivatives. The oxidation of the methyl group yields anthraquinone-2-carboxylic acid.

2-alkyl anthraquinone is of great industrial value. 2-methyl anthraquinone is not only used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of high-quality dark dyes, but also as an efficient pulp additive in the papermaking process. 2-methyl anthraquinone is also widely used in medicine, chemical books pesticides and many other aspects. Among the 2-alkyl anthraquinones, 2-methyl anthraquinone and 2-ethyl anthraquinone are the most common, and 2-alkyl anthraquinone can be modified according to different needs.

2 Methyl anthraquinone Uses

2-alkyl anthraquinone has a wide range of uses:

1) 2-methyl anthraquinone can be used as raw material medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials or pharmaceutical perfume intermediate;

2) At the same time, 2-alkyl anthraquinone can be used as photosensitive functional polymer material or UV curing initiator (photosensitizer);

3) In the chemical industry, 2-methyl anthraquinone can be used as an organic chemical raw material;

4) In terms of dyes, a wide variety of anthraquinone dyes can be synthesized by chlorination or nitration of 2-Methylanthraquinone. Statistics show that there are hundreds of anthraquinone dyes, which have great commercial value;

5) In the papermaking process, 2-Methylanthraquinone is a very efficient additive, which can penetrate into the interior of wood chips and be reduced to 2-Methylanthraquinone In this redox cycle, the components in wood chips are oxidized, which intensifies the reaction and improves the pulping efficiency;

6) In medicine, 2-methyl anthraquinone also has very significant medicinal value. According to the continuous research at this stage, 2 methyl anthraquinone has been continuously explored for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-tumor effects, and some of them have been applied to the actual work of disease resistance.

First Aid of 2-Methyl Anthraquinone

Inhalation: If someone inhales 2-methyl anthraquinone, remove him immediately to fresh air.

Skin Contact: Immediately remove clothing contaminated with 2-methyl anthraquinone and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. If you feel unwell, see your doctor.

Eye contact: Separate eyelids and flush 2-methyl anthraquinone with running water or saline. and see a doctor immediately.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth immediately, do not induce vomiting. See a doctor immediately.

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