Airbrush Spray Booth

The paint line manufacturer, XMT provides the top-quality painting lineincluding, powder painting line, liquid painting line and electrophoresis line. XMT Coating machinery including pretreatment system, drying oven, painting booth, levelling room, curing oven and other related painting machinery and equipment.

Airbrush Spray Booth

The airbrush spray booth/airbrush spray box, as its name implies, is to spray paint and colorize objects in a room. It is also called an airbrush paint spray booth.

The operator uses different types of Spray guns, such as hand-held electrostatic spray gun or a fixed spray gun to spray the workpiece. Using the electrostatic spray gun, the paint mist trapping effect is excellent. The airbrush spray booth with light mainly used in communication product spraying, IT product spraying, cosmetic shell spraying and other small and medium simple workpieces.

Ensure the reasonable layout of the cheap airbrush spray booth/cheap airbrush booth, unobstructed logistics, and pay attention to equipment energy-saving measures to achieve reasonable use of energy and reduce the waste of paint and other raw materials.

Airbrush Spray Booth

Advantages of the Best Airbrush Spray Booth

lThe overall surface coating of the indoor airbrush booth is uniform, and the product qualification rate is high.

lSmall size, can effectively save space.

lMake every index of the coating reach the ideal state and enhance the market competitiveness of products.


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