WPC Cladding

Different types of wall cladding are the surface of the building. Just like the face of a man, treat your wall with composite deck cladding, then you will have one wood-like and natural surface wall, close to nature, close to the wood, but superior to wood in split and rot resistance.

Exterior cladding has the potential to make the building look comple­tely refreshed. With wood plastic composite claddingyou can make your outbuildings blend into your garden or make any domestic or commercial property stand out with a contemporary makeover.

Whether you are finding the traditional cladding or high performance composite wall cladding, you will always find the wall cladding you need here, the WPC claddingcost also is low. As one of the top WPC panels manufacturers in China, Sundi has the most comprehensive series of wall plastic composite cladding boards made of different types of cladding materials from co-extrusion panel to deep pattern wood plastic composite panel, from traditional panel to Adamas panel, Sundi has the different production lines to produce different generation wall plastic wood cladding.

Can you paint composite cladding?

You really don't need to paint composite cladding. We understand that most off-the-shelf paints are not fireproof and will negate the safety aspects of composite cladding. Our composite cladding has a variety of colors to choose from, which could be a safe option for a range of applications. Because it will not fade or dye, and has good fire and water resistance. The fire rating is B. For safety reasons, it’s not necessary for you to paint composite cladding which may invalidate your product warranty.

How long does composite cladding last?

Unlike traditional timber cladding, composite cladding has a long service life, without the need for costly and onerous maintenance or replacement. They won't decay over time, don't require painting or staining and if they get dirty can be easily cleaned with soapy water or a pressure cleaner. When you purchase our high quality composite cladding, it will have a 15-year warranty and a 25-year service life if installed according to our technical installation guidance manuals.

As a professional wpc decking suppliers, sundi wpcprovide wpc composite products, outdoor planter kits, prefab housesand etc. If you want to know more? Contact us.


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