Gold Sequin Trim

The product types of sequin ribbon include silver beads, solid color beads, cream beads, color crystal beads, transparent beads, frosted beads, laser beads, silver beads, wood grain beads, class There are more than ten series of beads and other ten series, and each series has more than dozens of colors.

Sequin product specifications range from 2mm to 30mm, and there are hundreds of specifications and shapes such as flat, hexagonal concave, square, tree leaf, snowflake, plum, cone, shell, crescent, and five-pointed star. Sequins by Kejing, a reputable trim company, can be used for all kinds of clothing accessories, decorations, and handicrafts, etc., it is soft and elegant, jittery and shiny. If bead pieces are attached to wool or wool knitted fabrics, since the wool is dull, it forms a strong contrast with the glittering beads and pieces, and it can also make a strong glitter effect.

Features of gold sequin ribbon

Color: Golden colors

Trim wholesale: 40% Plastic, 60% Polyester

Packaging Details: Normal Package: 25 yards per strip.

Free sample available

Application: shirt, dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, coat, clothing, clothes

Perfect for DIY Craft

Supply Ability: 500000 Yard/Yards per Month

Delivery Time: 10-15days

Specification Of Gold Sequin Trim




Any colors can be customized





Sample cost:

free of charge if we have stock

Sampledelivery time:

1-3working days

Order delivery time:

Depends on your quantityof thisstretch sequin trim

Payment terms:

T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram,Trade Assurance,etc.



Custom design:



Oeko-Tex 100, ISO9001,SGS,TUV


Ocean shipping, Air, Express,DHL/TNT/DHL/EMS/SEA


Walmart, Disney, Simplicity, Hobby Lobby, Rose E Dee,Jabeco BV, Oscar de la Renta, Bestseller,Land n sea,etc.

Bulk order time:

7-15 working days

As a reliable jacquard ribbon manufacturer, we offer types of decorative trimmingfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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