Ordinary compact power jar: A compact power jar usually consists of cap, base, back button + pin, powder plate, and front click botton.

Products Description

Dual-purpose compact cosmetic powder container: This powder jar separates powder and powder puff, that is, the puff is prevented from being contaminated by the powder, and the ventilation design is also required.

The airtight function of the airtight compact powder jar is mainly to protect the volatile foundation from drying out during use. In recent years, with the development of the airtight BB cream compactor, the design of the airtight structure has gradually adopted the bi-injection process, and the seals are injection molded of soft and hard materials (such as TPE+PP) to achieve better airtightness requirements.There are also some products that use the vacuum pump to achieve a better airtight effect, while relatively the cost increases.

Materials of Plastic Powder Jar:

The most common materials are ABS, SAN, PCTA, PMMA, PP, etc. ABS is used most commonly cuase it is very suitable for parts that require a coating process. While SAN, PCTA and PMMA is mostly used for transparent parts, while PCTA is more suitable for powders requiring higher chemical resistance. The PP material is soft and can be used in a one-piece powder jar or powder jar with sealing required.

Production Process:

The main production process includes injection, molding, and secondary processing.

Injection molding process: injection and bi-injection.

Secondary processing or decoration: hot stamping, printing, transfer, coating , water plating, laser engraving, etc.

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