Retrieval Net

Retrieval Net

The Entrap retrieval system delivers a quick and efficient retrieval solution for polyps and tissue for histopathologic review. It is a kind of retrieval device utilizing advanced materials and production techniques, the Entrap facilitates improved consistency and control of the net deployment, position, and closure.


Improved visibility through the net material for identification of the retrieval target. Durable enough for repeated deployment, but soft to gently capture and preserve the specimen.


Clinching, tearing, and binding of the net material is reduced by the minimal net selvage and bonded net attachment. This increases efficiency and minimizes the time required to capture specimens reliably.


A stiffer catheter material improves device insertion into the endoscope and positioning of the net. The additional columnar strength allows for gentle movement of a specimen for optimal capture.

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Designed for polyp and foreign body retrieval, support a variety of retrieval needs.

Secure large and small foreign bodies and preserve tissue specimens.

Engineered with a strong, reinforced net for extra security.

Unique net design to maintain shape and open to capacity across multiple passes.



Diameter of Snare (mm)

Effective Length (mm)

Shape of Snare

Working Channel (mm)









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