CBN Powder

Boron Nitride Powder for Sale

The solid cbnhas a molecular formula of BN. Its atomic structure is similar to the structure of carbon atoms in diamond. Therefore, it has high-density characteristics, hardness is slightly lower than that of diamond, and its hardness is second only to diamond but much higher than other materials. Therefore, it is commonly used as an abrasive and a tool material together with diamond as a superabrasives material.

As one of boron powder suppliers, E-Grind provides all types of CBN materialfor Resin, Metal, Vitrified and electroplated bond systems.

Applications of CBN Powder

Grinding Applications

Steel and Cast Iron Components in Auto Parts industry: Camshaft, Crankshaft, bearing, piston, brake rotors, Valves, Gears,

Super Alloys: Aerospace Bearing, Nozzle, turbine parts

High-Speed Steel: Tooling industry

Honing Applications

Cast Iron: cylinders liners and inner bore holes of Auto engines.

Alloy Steel: Hydraulic components

Advantages of CBN Powder

High hardness:its hardness is second only to diamond.

Thermal stability and chemical inertness:its thermal stability is much higher than diamond. CBN has greater chemical stability to iron-based metal elements.

Improve productivity and grinding quality: CBN grinding tools have excellent grinding performance and are not only capable of machining difficult-to-grind materials, but also improve productivity and the grinding quality of workpieces. The use of CBN is a major contribution to metal processing, leading to revolutionary changes in grinding and is the second leap in grinding technology.

As one of abrasive powder suppliers, we have types of diamond powdersfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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