3-axis Galvo Scan Head

The large-format 3D laser scanner headis free of the processing range limits of 2D field lenses, and can be flexibly selected 100x100mm-2000x2000mm. Package type three axis galvanometer, eliminate customer Z axis optical path debugging, easy installation and adjustment. According to customer's application requirements, analog galvanometer and digital galvanometer, analog driver board and digital driver board can be flexibly configured. It is mainly used in large-format CO2 marking, 3D scanning solutions, laser die cutting and other fields.

Types Of 3-axis Galvo Scan Heads

3d Large Field Size Dynamics Focusing System

Highly integration system and easy to install and operate.

High Speed 3d & 2.5d Scanning System 14mm

Without front focusing field mirror, high speed 3D marking and large area precision machining applications can be realized.

Galvo Scan Head Products and Performance




Scan Angle (°)




System Emendation Orientation Accuracy

≤0.1mmField Size≤800mm*800mm)

≤0.1mmField Size≤800mm*800mm)

≤0.1mmField Size≤800mm*800mm)

Repeatability (urad)










Long-Term Drift Over 8h (mRad)




Tracking Error (ms)








Incident Spot Diameter(mm)




Aperture Size (mm)




Maximum Laser Power Cw(W/cm²)




Hansscanner 3-Axis Galvo Scan Heads – For Laser Application

SLM 3D printing technology is gradually penetrating into the aerospace, automotive and mold industries, etc. For large-size workpiece, it is urgent to solve the problems of large size and processing efficiency. Customized double-head large-format 3D metal printing system is an ideal solution. Integrated two sets of full digital grating galvanometer, high precision, small drift, maximum withstand 1500W laser power, built-in water cooling, to ensure stability. The laser input is integrated with a high power protection mirror to prevent dust and moisture, and prevent the risk of damage to the high power mirror.

What Are The Differences Between 3-Axis

The 3d dynamic scanning focusing technology is the core part of the galvanometer scanning laser marking control system. A dynamic focusing mirror is added in front of the common focusing lens, and the front and back positions of the dynamic focusing mirror are changed with the different scanning positions. The focus compensation is realized by fine-tuning the distance between the dynamic focusing mirror and the focusing mirror. The spot diameter of the laser beam far away from the origin is the same as that of the origin again to ensure the accuracy of focusing on the scanning plane, and then focus on the workpiece to be marked after scanning by X and Y galvanometer. By using X, Y galvanometers and Z lens to form three-dimensional focusing technology, the problem that the focal spot on the marking plane becomes larger and the marking line width is different is solved because the focal plane of the laser beam passing through the focusing mirror is spherical while the workpiece surface is planar.

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