VCM F1 adopts the traditional voice coil motor design scheme, linear motor structure is simple, high stability. Using high precision grating ruler as position feedback, position resolution accuracy is 25 bits. Digital encoder technology greatly improves positioning accuracy, in addition to extremely low noise, excellent linearity and minimal drift. VCM F1 is a digital processing driver technology based on FPGA. The digital driver has excellent anti-interference ability and excellent dynamic performance. In addition, it has good waterproof and dustproof performance.

Key Features Of Vcm F1

High-precision grating encoder as feedback with 25 bit position resolution

Extremely low noises, excellent linearity and lowest drift

Mainly applying to dynamic auto-focusing, it is able to combine with galvo scanning system to 3D dynamic scan system. The widely applications are used successfully in 3D laser marking, 3D printing and large format processing, etc

Specifications Of Vcm F1


Input Beam Aperture(mm)


Output Beam Aperture(mm)




Tracking Error(ms)

Typical Speed (mm/s)


Repeatability (μm)



Long-Term Drift Over 8 hours (μm)


Power Requirement

±15VDC, ≥3A

Digital Interface


Operation Temperature(℃)


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Hansscannerhas a strong R&D team of structure design, software, hardware, optics, electronics and process, and has obtained a number of utility model and invention patents. It focuses on new markets and new applications, is close to customers, serves customers, and is committed to meeting customers' requirements for high-performance galvanometer systems.

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