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Fufu processing machine for sale - Make Fufu(foofoo) from Fresh Cassava

Fufu Process Description and Flowchart:
Fufu (variants of the name include foofoo, fufuo, foufou) is a staple food with deep roots in Ghana's history and common in many countries of West Africa and the Caribbean. It is often made with cassava flour. Other flours, such as semolina, maize flour or mashed plantains may take the place of cassava flour. Fufu served alongside soup, usually, groundnut soup is a national dish of Ghana.

Goodway focuses on providing solutions of fufu maker machine and cassava fufu processing production line since 1991.

Multiple distinct operations are required in fufu processing: washing, peeling, chipping, fermenting, grating, pressing, breaking & sifting, fufu drying, milling, and packaging.

We provide below a brief description of the main steps of the fufu production process.

Want to know how to make fufu with cassava flouror fufu machine price, contact us.


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