Garri Processing Machinery

Cassava Garri(Gari) Process Description and Flowchart:
Garri is a fermented and gelatinized dry coarse flour, very popular in West Africa and a staple food in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, and Togo. Its ability to store well and its acceptance as a "convenience food" is responsible for its increasing popularity in the urban areas of West and Central Africa. It is often consumed as the main meal in the
form of a dough or a thin porridge. Both are prepared in the household by mixing dry Garri with hot or cold water and cooking and are served with soup or stew. Garri is also eaten as a snack when mixed in cold water with sugar, and sometimes milk. It swells three to four times its volume when mixed with cold water.

Goodway delivers the whole range of equipment for Garri processing industry from Garri processing equipment to complete the Garri processing production line. Multiple distinct operations are required in Garri processing: washing, peeling, grating, de-watering, breaking & sifting, Garri roasting, milling, and packaging.
We provide below a brief description of the main steps of the Garri(gari) production process.

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