The Light For Grows

The plants need the light, need photosynthesis, then, need grow light.

The Supreme systems aim to bring the solutions in the best performance to the growers. Our products are designed with the actual production needs and energy efficiency needs of farmers in mind. Each of Supreme's systems had a high PPE of 2.9μmol/J, which is the first-tier in the industry. In the production process, Supreme always strives for excellence, committed to providing customers with the highest quality products; a Precision production process, and strict testing, to ensure that customers bring standardized reliable durable products. The simple installation process brings convenience to the farmer's farm. Supreme lighting products support customization to customers' personalized needs, providing mid-to-high-end product type, spectrum, power customization options. With Supreme products, your farm can be run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Types of grow lamps for sale

S960 series LED Grow Lights

Best price-quality ratio and make a better harvest. Appropriate width, Up to 1100 μmol/s/m² Average PPFD and 1474 μmol/s/m² Central PPFD and 2.9μmol/J high efficacy, as if all of the specs are suitable for the farming masters. Powerful but not a clumsy body, it also supports Tri-folds.

S780 series LED Grow Lights

A better lighting performance now had been put into a flexible and adjustable body. For a pretty high Average PPFD of 940μmol/s/m² at the mid-level product and the appropriate cost of the equipment, your farm will keep in high productivity and input-output ratio.

S1200 Golden Grow Lights

Its body is so wide that it can effectively illuminate about three times the area of any other single light. Wider but not weak, it's Average PPFD reaches 980 μmol/s/m² and central PPFD can reach 1290 μmol/s/m². It is a cost controlled and efficient solution for large area planting, suitable for your great farms. It also supports Tri-folds, when unfold, you will find it from minimum to maximum.

S1400 Series Led Growth Light

A giant light, S1400, Fulton's flagship product, is making a revolution of grow light. With up to 1180 μmol/s/m² Average PPFD and 1474 μmol/s/m² Central PPFD, the wider illuminated area, also the high efficacy of 2.9μmol/J, the light in giant performance will light up your giant farms, and it's believed that your giant farms will bring you a giant harvest.

S520 Golden Grow Lights

A top-class grow light solution is now presented for you at a better cost. The light is designed to maximize the illuminated area by its minimum body, which achieves the most reasonable balance between lighting performance and cost control, for being your best choice for entry-level. With the best efficacy of 2.9μmol/J among the entry-level-products, better Average PPFD 582 μmol/s/m², and 819 μmol/s/m² Central PPFD. It allows growers to benefit from improved yields, better quality.

G800 Grow Light

UV-R Grow Light

O Series LED Tri-proof Light

EC4330 Controller

SETI V series Growth Light

S780+ Grow Light

S780+ Grow Light is specially designed for growing cannabis, covers a full growth range from veg to flowering. High uniformity and power help the growers harvest 30% more yields, the growers can get the investment after one growth cycle. 0-10V dimmable app control is available for easy control of the output. This flowering grows light is suitable for Indoor growth only.

S960+ Grow Light

Now you can grow several tiers indoor with this newest S960+ Grow Light. 1728 pcs full spectrum LED with a 2.6 μmol/J high efficiency, which can also be adjusted according to your growing needs. Super light with foldable design shall be your smartest choice.

S1200 series + (UV-R) LED Grow Lights

UV grow lights can greatly improve your plants' development if used appropriately. Too many "full-spectrum" lights are not truly full spectrum. Don't be tricked by marketing hype. Read below to learn more about the best products on the market.

Features And Benefits of Grow Lights

High Efficacy

Our focus is, and always has been, to design high-performance energy-efficient solutions for growers' applications. With Supreme techs, all the LED grow lights can reach 2.9μmol/J PPE, which is the first-tier in the industry. The Supreme techs make you save the costs of power.

High Customizability

Supreme is an OEM & ODM Manufacturer, most features of the product can be customized by the client's requirement.

High Quality

In the production process of Supreme products, we resolutely combine strict production procedures and strict quality testing to provide customers with better after-sales experience. All the Fulton products through UL, FCC, DLC certification, quality is reliable. All the products have 5 years warranty, free from your worries.

What Makes A Good Grow Light?

A suitable grow light is a good grow light for you.

For Cannabis growing, Supreme can provide the full spectrum grow lights, which the wattage, illuminated area, and the spectrum can be customized by your requirement. For other types of plants, we also have the appropriate solution. Some growers have the needing of all-day-time light, which requires the light can work 7*24hrs in a steady state. For those growers who don't need all-time-running, the Supreme system can make the growers control conveniently. In the marketplace, there're different types of grow lights, some for home, and others for professional growers. Supreme system can provide the best solution for most professional growers, for all the products can be customized. The growers should choose their aim products for their own needing. In Supreme's products, there are many choices for the different planting areas.

What Color LED Light Is Best For Plants?

According to the research of the scientists, for most plants, red light and blue light are work in the growing. Also, moderate infrared and UV are helpful to plant growth. For the Supreme lighting system, the lights can produce the light in full spectrum. Full-spectrum lights provide photosynthetic requirements at all stages of plant growth. In future models, Supreme will also offer models with adjustable spectra to meet the needs of various plants, at all stages of growth, while maintaining high efficiency and energy efficiency without harming plants.

Can You Leave Grow Lights On 24 Hours A Day?

Plant grow lights are a great tool to make your growing process more efficient. Providing sufficient light to your plants inside a grow space can be tricky, but using Grow lights enables your plants to thrive indoors and extend your growing season. However, they can also be harmful to the plant if don't follow the proper lighting schedule.

So, can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day?

The answer to the question is no, it is not recommended to leave your grow light 24 hours a day, because this will force plants to grow quickly. It is ideal to keep a grow light on for about 12 to 18 hours.

As one of the led grow light suppliers.We provide grow lamp for sale, commercial grow equipment, purple grow light and etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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