Wifi Thermostat

POER Smart provides the programmable wifi enabled central heating programmer. We have wifi water heater thermostats and wifi electric underfloor heating smart thermostats for your choice. The wifi boiler control thermostat was built-in a wifi module. With this module, the wifi central heating thermostatcan connect to home wifi and been controlled with App, Alexa and Google home. Don't worry about forgetting to turn off the wifi electronic central heating thermostat when you leave home. You can view the room temperature, target temperature, set temperature curve, heating statistics curve, energy saving and other information just in the heating control app. And also you can use these app-control wifi central heating control systems to adjust the settings according to the actual situation. In addition, the wifi smart thermostat comes with a humidity sensor to display the room temperature in real time.

PTC20/26 wifi internet central heating control systemsis more suitable for newly renovated houses. Connect to gas boiler or electric floor heating via wired connection. One wifi room thermostat for each room can control the heating of each room separately, which is more energy-efficient. At the same time, the wifi radiator termostat smartis very convenient to set and control the heating in the home through the mobile APP. As a professional thermostat supplier, POER Smart provides different kinds of wireless wifi-control central home heating control wifisystems for smart electric underfloor heating control.

Home Heating Control System

The home heating control system can automatically turn on /off the heating through the user's preset settings. Compared with the traditional timer system, the operation is much simpler and smarter.

Thermostats that allow people to control the room temperature have been around for a long time. The newly upgraded heating control system allows residents to control the heating time by themselves so as to achieve the purpose of controlling heating costs. The latest technology allows you to automatically control the heating according to your own schedule.

The heating control system allows you to precisely control the temperature of the house. The setting is relatively simple, and it will run in the background so that you can ignore it.

If you have never installed a room thermostatbefore, install it: it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 280 kg per year.

You can also save money through more effective control.

Wifi Thermostat With Humidity Sensor

The humidity sensor is part of the new generation of WiFi thermostats. Users can manually control or use pre-programmed settings to control the moisture content in the room to maintain a specific humidity level.

Some users use portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control the humidity of the house, but these devices are usually only suitable for area control and not enough to cover the entire house. Integrating humidity control into the HVAC system, users can carry out precise control and optimal humidity management for the entire house. At the same time, humidity sensor control has a higher capacity than portable devices, which can maintain a consistent humidity throughout the house and provide a better user experience.


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Wifi Thermostat
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