Laser Marking Card

GMC control card supports XY2-100, SPI and other galvanometer communication protocols, Ethernet communication, easy to expand the multi-control card synchronization control. High precision tri-axial correction algorithm ensures large area machining accuracy. Skywriting guarantees that the starting and corner will not burn, and supports STEP, IGES, STL and other 3D graphics format imports. This laser control card can support 3D graphics creation, editing and 3D marking functions. It is easy to use API interface, support C++/C # development environment, convenient for customers to flexibly write upper computer program, flexible laser control interface, and support a variety of common laser control.

Key Features Of Laser Marking Card

Support 2D, 3D and marking on-the-fly (trial) function.

The user can use upper computer software to switch laser scan head protocol.

Communicate with marking software through high-speed Ethernet, to improve data communication and marking efficiency. You only need to change the IP of your computer, no need to configure anything else.

Provide C++ and C# secondary development language DEMO, users can choose the programming language they are familiar with.

Support fiber laser (such as IPG, SPI, Raycus, JPT, etc.), CO2 laser, ULTRAVIOLET laser and green laser.

With high precision correction software, calibration once can be used permanently, without secondary developers to load correction files frequently. The control card calibration file is saved in the control card, power off and restart will not be lost, no other software to load the calibration file again.

Hans Scannerhas professional R&D teams in machinery, software, optics, electronics and process testing, among which more than 70% have master degree or above. The company has a number of domestic and international invention patents, is the first domestic production line and annual capacity of more than 60,000 sets of galvanometer system manufacturer.

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