In a certain proportion, Bis-Tris propane can be completely dissolved in water. Bis-tris propane is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, can not coexist with highly oxidizing substances, and after titration with concentrated hydrochloric acid, it needs to be used now. In calibrating gene encodings expressed in cytoplasm or mitochondria, Bis-Tris propane acts as a PH buffer.

Bis -Tris Propane Details:

Bis-Tris propane is commonly used in experiments to study proteins, such as studying the effect of anions with different electron pairs on proteins storing oxygen in muscles; purifying glucose-binding proteins in the membrane of acidophilic microorganisms vulvaging phylum; investigating the activity of Myosin sub-fragments of Mg-ATPase; studying glutamate dehydrogenase of Haiqi Lyceum and protein crystallization of type I amylase from Ferrophilus.

Bis -Tris Propane Product Advantages:

Good water solubility, 1ml in 20 °C water, to achieve saturation, Bis-Tris propane to water ratio is 428:1;

Difficult to decompose under high temperature and high pressure;

Wide range of applicable PH values;

Stable reaction to enzymes.

Advantages of Desheng on Bis-Tris Propane:

Professional source manufacturer with controllable quality, delivery;

Support trial orders, can provide paid samples;

We can provide customized product supported by professional R & D team.

Applications of Bis -Tris Propane:

At a hydrogen ion concentration index of 7-9, Bis-Tris propane can form a binuclear hydroxyl complex with a range of rare earth elements for use in the diagnostic detection manufacturing industry;

Used as a stabilizer for the isolation of farnesyl diphosphate from mutant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae;

Applied to study the effect of buffer properties on the electrical signal of photo-excited bacterial rhodopsin, as well as the effect on the kinetics of the restriction enzyme EcoRV.

Bis -Tris Propane Notes:

The acidity dissociation coefficient is unstable and affected by temperature;

Dry storage, do not get wet;

When using, please stay away from strong oxidants;

The activity range of high PH value is 6.3-9.5.

Desheng provides bis tris propane buffer, bis tris propane, IS-TRIS PROPANE CASNO.64431 96 5,

edta dipotassium salt, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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