CAPSO is an electrically neutral white powdery compound, which is often formulated into CAPSO bufferwith sodium hydroxide. Since CAPSO has a pH buffer range of 9.6-11.4, it is more suitable for biochemical and molecular biology research requiring high pH buffers.

CAPS (9.7-11.1) and CABS (10.0-11.4) belong to the cyclohexylamino buffer family.

CAPSO Details:

CAPSO name 3-(cyclohexylamine)-2-hydroxy-1-propanesulfonic acid. CAPSO buffers have very low metal binding constants and do not form any sizable complexes with metals, making them particularly suitable for studies investigating metal-dependent enzymes. At room temperature of 25℃, the optimum pH value of CAPSO buffer is 10.4. Compared with other propanesulfonic acid buffers, CAPSO buffer has the smallest reaction ability with enzymes and proteins, and the highest solubility in water.

Like CAPS buffer, CAPSO buffer is also an electrically neutral buffer. CAPSO buffers play a key role as buffers in protein studies, such as in studies where specific antibodies are used for gel electrophoresis-treated cell or biological tissue samples to explore the expression of a specific protein in the cell or tissue being analyzed ( Western blotting or immunoblotting experiments), protein sequencing and identification, electrotransfer of proteins to PVDF (sc-3723) or nitrocellulose membranes (sc-3718, sc-3724), CAPS buffer as the pH of the solution required for the study regulator.

CAPSO Product Advantages:

It has good solubility in water. At a temperature of zero degrees Celsius, the dissolved mass of CAPSO crystals when they reach saturation in 100ml of water is 12g;

The solubility in organic solvents is extremely small and will not affect biochemical reactions;

At room temperature, CAPSO has good stability. After adding CAPSO to the solution for a period of time, the pH value will not change greatly;

CAPSO buffer is chemically inactive, not easy to react with other substances, and does not inhibit other chemical reactions;

Adding non-isoionic inorganic salts to CAPSO buffer will not change the activity coefficient of the solution;

Does not chemically react with metal ions to form complexes or precipitates;

Under normal circumstances, CAPSO buffer will not penetrate the biofilm;

When irradiated with ultraviolet and visible light waves, the ability of CAPSO buffer to absorb light is very small;

The solubility of CAPSO is little affected by the concentration of ions, the composition of the solution and the temperature;

Does not react with the enzyme to reduce the activity of the enzyme.

Desheng's Advantages in CAPSO:

The purity of CAPSO produced by Desheng can reach more than 99%, meeting your high-quality requirements;

Our company vigorously introduces advanced equipment, continuously improves production capacity, and effectively guarantees the production delivery time of CAPSO;

The professional R&D team continuously studies the production process of CAPSO, and can adjust, improve and distribute samples according to customer requirements;

Testing and testing services can be provided according to customer requirements;

Rich experience in import and export, can provide professional help for your export business of CAPSO products.

Cooperate with famous logistics providers to provide high-quality CAPSO buffers for global customers;

The certificates related to CAPSO are complete, such as material analysis certificate, safety data sheet, CE, etc.

Application of CAPSO:

CAPSO buffers are often used in gel electrophoresis as acid-base modifiers;

CAPSO is also used in the purification and separation of proteins and other biochemical diagnostic reagents;

In some cell culture media that require an alkaline environment, CAPSO can also be used as a buffer;

As a buffer, CAPSO can keep the ionic strength in the range required for the research solution and prevent proteins from combining with other ions to form insoluble products;

When preparing membrane protein to extract nucleic acid, CAPSO buffer is required as lysis buffer;

Because the CAPSO buffer is relatively stable, it is a stabilizer for some reagents. It is often used in creatine kinase detection kits, aspartate aminotransferase detection reagents, and leucine aminopeptidase detection reagents for the prevention of liver diseases, myocarditis and other diseases. and diagnosis and treatment are of great significance.

CAPSO Notes:

There is almost no complex reaction with CAPSO and metals;

In order to prevent the CAPSO crystal powder from absorbing water and being decomposed by light, please avoid direct sunlight and keep it dry when storing;

The buffering capacity of CAPSO buffer is greatly affected by temperature, so please conduct the experiment at room temperature;

Add acid to CAPSO buffer solution. When the amount of alkali is large, the buffer solution loses its buffering effect. So experiment in the pH range of 8.9-10.3.

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