Vintage Edison Bulbs Wholesale

In your average incandescent light bulb, the filament design from Flint vintage LED light bulb manufacturersis tightly and uniformly coiled.

Edison style light bulbs are designed with loose and squiggly tungsten filaments for a unique, vintage effect.

However, those traditional light bulbs have their drawbacks. They burn out quickly, they are easily breakable, they run “hot” and they require a lot of electricity to light. Inquiry wholesale vintage led bulbs!

Choosing wholesale LED edison bulbsupplier with exposed filaments lets you have it all: the vintage flair of a classic bulb, and the function and efficiency of a modern LED.

Flintlight, a professional vintage lightbulb company, has high-quality vintage style led light bulbs for sale. Welcome to contact us.

Bulk Edison Bulbs for Sale

As we are professional vintage Edison bulbs suppliers, Flint provides different types of Edison bulbs. We have vintage LED candelabra lamp bulbs, from which stable lighting is emitted. Compared with an incandescent bulb, our LED candelabra bulb lasts for far more hours, about 25,000 hours. We also have high quality type A LED Edison light bulbs for sale, with various watts for you to choose. Our perfect global bulbs can be customized with amber glass, clear glass, etc. Famous for their slender shape, the tubular Edison bulb provided by Flint is an ideal lighting source for mirror front lamps. Choose China Flintlight smart Edison bulbs supplier and vintage edison light manufacturersas your first choices.

Choose Wholesale LED Light Bulbs Manufacturer-Vintage, Decorative Style

As a reliable smart edison bulb supplier,Flint has high-quality Edison Led light bulbs for sale. Vintage smart bulbcan be customized with a variety of colors and styles. The color of vintage smart light bulbs source mainly includes many colors, as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and also includes a wide range of color temperatures 2200K to 6500K. Users can choose the appropriate vintage style led light bulbs light source type, color, and lighting mode for decorative. Vintage led edison bulb according to the different environments and scope of use. If you have a lot of natural materials, such as hardwood floors or cabinets, woven carpets, etc., warm white light Edison bulbs like 2700K LED bulbs are more suitable for your home.

Choose Flint antique light bulbs supplier.

Edison Lamp Benefits

Light source volume of our vintage LED filament lamps is small. It can be combined at will, easy to install and maintain, easy to develop into light and thin, short and small lighting products.

Wholesale filament bulb have the characteristics of high efficiency and long service life. Wholesale LED filament bulb is low in calorific value, no heat radiation, cold light source, safe to touch. As a professional Edison light bulbs manufacturer, Flintlight has a lot of experience in led light bulbs wholesale. Choose Flint LED filament bulb manufacturer.

Flint is a china bulb led factory, we supply a wide variety of products to support the growing adoption of energy-efficient LED applications.


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