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The development and design of plastic injection molding home appliance parts pay attention to safety and health. In-home appliance industry, polypropylene plastics are used extensively in washing machines and dishwashers.

As one of the leading plastic injection molding products manufacturers, our home appliance parts mold injection provides you with high-quality service. Appliance plastic injection moldingproducts play an important role in daily life for all the home appliances in everyday use such as sitting on a chair while we have a meal.

Features of Home Appliance Part

Here are three major features of injection moulding home appliance products as follows.

High-speed machining technology is widely used

High-speed machining, usually used for large-scale home appliance plastic molded parts and its precision injection molding surface can reach 0.01mm.

High-speed scanner and mold scanning system

High-speed scanner and mold scanning system provide many functions required for plastic injection moulding home appliance parts model which will shorten manufacturing cycle of home appliance products made by injection molding.

Combination of rapid prototyping and tooling technology

Injection mold design for parts of the home appliance is quickly manufactured based on the prototype with the rapid prototyping and tooling technology.

The Specification of Home Appliance Part

Part material


Mould Cavity


Mould steel


Mould steel

Tooling life


Mould standard


Exporting country



5 weeks

Customer satisfaction with mold quality


FAI pass rate


Customer satisfaction with project cooperation service


How does Injection Molding Home Appliance Parts Work?

Before we talk about the specific parameters of custom plastic injection moldinghome appliance parts, how do injection molding home appliance parts actually work?

Step 1: Feeding and heating the plastic

At first, a thermoplastic or combination of thermoplastics is put into a precision injection molding machine.

Step 2: Plastic injection

As long as the clamp pressure of the injection molding part is in the best state, the plastic is injected at high speed and pressure into the cavity.

Step 3: Forming the part

Once the tool cavity is almost full of liquid, a holding phase starts to work during the process of home appliance products made by injection molding.

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