Horizontal Axle Press

The horizontal wheel axle press machine is the installation equipment for the rolling bearing of the railway vehicle system. Its main purpose is to press the rolling bearing to the wheel journal by cold pressing. The horizontal press machine is composed of a body, a hydraulic station, and a console. The hydraulic station and the console should be arranged close to the host. The rigid rails on the site and the guide rails on the body should be connected evenly.

EZHONGspecializes in the production of horizontal wheel and axle press equipment. As a professional wheel press machine manufacturer, EZHONG Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd has almost 70 years of production experience and technology. On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, it has developed horizontal press machinewith its own characteristics. The horizontal hydraulic press for sale is simple and convenient to operate, has high processing accuracy, and will not crush the bearings.

The Specification Of Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine


Nominal Pressure

Max gear Axle Diameter

Pressing speed








The Details Of EZHONG Horizontal Axle Press Machine

Wheel press machinetool composition: Machine front fixed beam, movable beam, after the support, chassis, hydraulic system, car device, electrical system is composed of the main parts.

Safety protection of horizontal press machine:

  1. horizontal hydraulic press machinewill automatically alarm and stop.

Optional Features of Horizontal Press Machine

  1. horizontal hydraulic presshas independent power mechanism and electrical system.

Notes Of EZHONG Horizontal Press Machine Operation Process

You can see the progress of the press on the screen, which is very accurate. In addition to the equipment's own program control, the requirements of the operator must be serious. To improve

For the service life of the wheel press machine, we must strictly operate the wheel press machine correctly.

The Advantages Of Horizontal Press Machine

The operation of our horizontal press brake for sale is simple and convenient, high efficiency, time-saving, labor-saving, and cost-saving.

The high precision of press-fitting concentricity ensures a high qualified rate of products produced.

The stroke of the horizontal press machine can be adjusted according to the large size of the press-fitting parts, no matter how big the product is, it can be press-fitted.

As a professional wheel press machine manufacturer, our equipment pressure can be adjusted at any time, and the user can adjust the pressure system of the horizontal hydraulic press machine according to the approximate pressure required by the press.

The professional hoisting structure is made to facilitate the movement of the wheel press machine at any time.

All kinds of fixtures are equipped at the factory, which is convenient for users to press-fit all kinds of axles and bearings.

The horizontal press brake for sale is at a good plate bending machine price.

The whole machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

What is Hydraulic Press Machine Used for?

This wheel press machine from EZHONG wheel press machine manufacturer is suitable for metallurgy, mine machine repair, machine manufacturing and large motor manufacturing, mainly used for large shaft parts of the pressure assembly and disassembly work.


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