Chlorosulfonated polyethyleneis prepared by chlorinating and sulfonating polyethylene from the mixed gas of chlorine and sulfur dioxide, which has ozone resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging properties. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, good mechanical properties, good water and oil resistance, cold resistance, humidity and heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Types of FUXI ® Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Paint

Chlorosulfonation Polyethylene Anticorrosive Finish

Chlorosulfonation Polyethylene Anticorrosive Intermediate Paint

Chlorosulfonation Polyethylene Paint Primer

Acrylic Modified Vinyl Perchloride Anticorrosive Finish

Vinyl Perchloride Primer

Vinyl Perchloride Putty

The Advantages of ChlorosulfonatedPolyethylene Paint

Good ozone resistance

Good weather and aging resistance

Excellent chemical resistance

Good mechanical properties

Good water and oil resistance

Single component, easy to apply

Technical Parameter of Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Coating

Universal Technical ParametersUniversal Technical Parameters

Type: Solvent type

Packs: Two packs

Mixing Ratio: 10:1

Solid Content by weight: 40%

Density: 1.15-1.3KG/L

Touch Dry: 30mins

Hard Dry: 5 hours

Best used for area with requirement of chemical resistance, water resistance

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