Conventional Lathe

Conventional Latheis perfectly suitable for small volume production plant and machinery maintenance shops and can machine a wide range of materials.

Features of Conventional lathe machine

The machine is a one-piece casting because the bed is cast as a whole, the guide rail of the bed adopts the layout of mountain and plane guide rail, which has a large bearing section, so it has good rigidity and vibration absorption, which can ensure high-precision machining.

The machine tool adopts the mechanical friction plate clutch to realize the speed change, stop and change of the spindle without changing the speed of the motor and stopping the main motor.

It can turn the outer circle, inner hole, end face, drill hole, ream hole, and pull oil groove.

Nn3020k series double row cylindrical roller bearing is used at the front end of the main shaft, 7214ac angular contact ball bearing and 51215 series axial thrust ball bearing are used at the rear end, and appropriate preload is applied, matching with the best span support and box-type main shaft box so that the main shaft has high rigidity.

The slide box of the machine tool is equipped with a fast-moving device, which can quickly move to the required position in the vertical and horizontal directions. It has the interlock protection function of the light screw and the lead screw to ensure the normal and trouble-free operation of the feeding system.

The machine tool is equipped with a belt cover and a safety warning sign to prevent the operator of the machine tool from being injured and the equipment from being damaged. According to the user's needs, it can also provide chuck protection, tool holder protection and full protection to ensure your safe operation.

In order to ensure the site is clean, there is a chip receiving tray at the lower part of the bed to ensure that the chips are far away from the processing area. An Independent cooling system is equipped with a large flow cooling pump to provide forced cooling for turning.

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