Man Crates Lapel Pins

Weoffers all kinds of gifts for men. ourgifts stir an original craze of chest collides and cheers, not the polite smiles. The same as the finely customized, it is finely crafted by the enamel process and filled with white, red and sand yellow enamel color. Everyone who receives will like the delicate Man Crates Lapel Pins. It is designed according to the website’s logo. It is a series of logos that hands holding a crate, hand holding a swab and so on. We area Pin Maker, we are GS-JJ and we doawesomefor everyone. We believe everyone deservesbetter Custom Enamel Pins.

Size: 1"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style:Soft enamel pins

Finish:Dye blackFinish

Attachments:Rubber cap

Packaging:Individual Polybag


至: GS-JJ custom lapel pin
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