How is NIPT-NGS different from other pregnancy tests

Why not go for NIPT, a test which offers you the info you want to have regarding your child? Responding to the queries that every "to be" mommy has in her minds.Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is an innovative genetic screening examination to identify risk for any chromosomal abnormalities that can be present in a baby when it is still developing inside the womb of the mommy. It uses cell-free fetal DNA (cff-DNA) which is the child's DNA that steps easily in the mother's blood while pregnant. The robust Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) modern technology is made use of to accomplish this assay.NIPT by NGS is a non-invasive testing counterpart of the gold-standard analysis invasive test which makes use of amniotic fluid or chorionic villi to examination. The concept of fluid biopsy and also the discovery of circulating cell-free DNA ended up being the columns in the direction of the advancement of this risk-free prenatal examination; NIPT.

Exactly how is NIPT-NGS various from other maternity examinations?

What can the examination look for?Trisomy conditions that are 3 duplicates of the chromosome are present rather than the common 2 copies in a set particularly Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13), Edward's syndrome (Trisomy 18) and also Down's disorder (Trisomy 21).X and Y chromosome aneuploidies (abnormal variety of sex chromosome).Micro-deletions in chromosomes.Who is qualified for this test?NIPT-NGS is a screening examination as well as a safe suggestion to inspect Trisomies of chromosome 21, 18 and 13 in the unborn youngster. Factors that make this test a necessity are:.High-risk maternities (Maternity that causes a dangerous risk to either mom or unborn child).Family history of chromosomal conditions.Enhanced mother's age.Previous born with a congenital disease.Unusual ultrasound searchings for.Risky finding in lotion screening.Why is it different from various other examinations?NIPT-NGS test attracts attention from other tests as it can be done as early as in 10 weeks of maternity whereas the first-trimester testing is more effective in between 11-13 weeks, thus NIPT offers even more time to draw future choices.Furthermore, other serum marker tests have an accuracy rate of about 96% together with 5% of incorrect favorable range whereas NIPT by NGS provides an accuracy above 99% with less than 1% of a false favorable result, consequently clarifying its high uniqueness as well as accuracy.Because of high precision, it considerably lowers the variety of maternities which require intrusive examinations, as these can be evaluated prior and recommendation made if there is a need for invasive tests.The threat of tasting associated with NIPT is NIL.What to recognize from your outcomes?The results for NIPT can be reduced danger, high danger or need for re-sampling. Because this is a screening examination, a high risk considers need for verification with invasive examinations prior to attracting any kind of obstetric decision.

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