PVC Self-repair Door

The name self-repair means it could be reset during movement. The door is made of a whole part of PVC cloth without wind bar which is different from high-speed PVC door. Compared with a high-speed doors, a self repairing dooris easy to clean and a reset systems could help prevent odor and bugs easily.

Specifications Of PVC Self-repair Door


Warehouse, industrial facilities


Self Repairing door

Door Frame

  1. 2.Aluminum Track3.Stainelss Steel Frame: S.S 201 & S.S 304

Door Curtain

Available Colors


Safety Device

Photocell Sensor/Safety edge bottom

Motor Option

German SEW & Nord/China SEJSize from 0.75JW - 2.2 KW accordingly to different requirements

Operating Life

500,000 cycles

Opening Type:

Radar Sensor, Floor Sensor, Remote Control, Push button, Rope Swtich ect

Working Temperature

-25 to 60 ℃

Features Of PVC Self-repair Door

It has lower speed than high speed pvc door, good option for bug barrier

It is easy to clean since it’s made of a whole part of pvc cloth.

Reset system helps acheive better odor-proof performance

It is more economical than high speed pvc doors.

Dongguan Xinyi Door Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial door manufacturer. We provide Hospital Door, Corridor Door, Clean Room Door, industrial style doorsand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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