Sinorork is has Plenty of experience in manufacturing soil nail

Sinorock with over 5 years of soil nail manufacturing experience, specialize in all kind of standard and non-standard soil nail.Outstanding quality comes with experience. Especially, we are keeping the R&D effort for other special specification and custom made products which continuously help partners create unique market position in this competitive industry. In Sinorock, customer is at the heart of our business model which includes outstanding quality, professional consultant, on time delivery and competitive price.
Our advantage
Why soil nail of Sinorock are widely applied in many construction?Our soil nail product has the following features:
(1)Low cost
In recent years, with the continuous development of hollow grouting technique and the promotion, Sinorock relys on advanced technology to reduce the cost.Therefore, the raw material processing and the rolling equipment production of anchor bolt presents the large-scale development trend, which significantly reduces the cost of soil nail.
(2)Great durability
The grouting of the soil nail is from inside to outside through the inner hole. Besides, there are stop plug and plate outside the anchor hole, which can effectively prevent slurry spillover. When necessary, the soil nail also can undertake pressure grouting to make grouting cement diffuse to the surrounding rock fracture. So the soil nail can form thick and homogeneous layer, which greatly enhance its durability.
(3)High Adaptability to Circumstance
Soil nail,as an efficient anchoring method, the soil nail is used in complicated, loose and broken geological condition. It’s widely applied to pre-support project, radial support project, slope stabilization, foundation support project, roadway support project, soil nail wall, back pull anchor rod retaining wall and other rock supporting work.It is widely applied in mining,tunneling,slope foundation and so on.


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