Sinorock is special in soil nailing field

Soil Nailing is an economical technique for stabilizing slopes and for constructing retaining walls from the top down.
The process is based on using ground reinforcement steel bars or tendons drilled and grouted into the soil to form a
composite mass similar to gravity wall. A shotcrete facing is typically applied to constitute the required wall face.
Soil nailing is a stabilization process used to build retaining walls or shoring systems when space is limited. The
process starts by installing threaded steel bars into slopes or cuts made into the soil. Grouted bars are installed to create a stable mass of soil. Then a temporary or permanent facing is applied to retain and support the existing soil.
The Sinorock was built on a foundation of experience, determination, service and quality earning us an outstanding
reputation for manufacturing quality soil nail and anchoring products in all types of materials.We devote ourselves to
create world-famous brand. We have a goal which is producing first-class anchoring products and serving world high-end
customers. Soil nails are one of our specialties,as is the ability to supply our customers with a variety of anchor bolt
products.The Sinorock company has the capability and the experience to supply you with high quality soil nails.So these
make us to be the best among soil nail suppliers.


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Sinorock is special in soil nailing field 卖方: soilnailing