PVC Roll Up Door

PVC Roll up Dooris a fast lift barrier-free isolation type that is widely used in warehouses, factories and airport hangars. PVC rolling dooris thermal insulated, fire-retardant and odor-proof. With these features, PVC roller shutter doorshave been developed to increase your production efficiency, prevent dust and bugs. The speed of pvc rolling shutter could be adjusted to adapt to various situations. If the speed is higher than 0.6 meters per second, we call it high speed roll up door. You could choose what speed you like when the door is installed.

Five Types of PVC Roll Up Door

PVC Self-repair Door

It is flexible with a perimeter structure in steel, easy to operate and require low maintenance.


High Speed Rolling Doors

With a speed of more than 0.6 meters per second, high-speed door is an energy-saving type which is a perfect option for logistics channels, large entrances.


High Speed Roll Up Freezer Door

The curtain is made of thick vinyl cloth that has good thermal insulation performance.


Hangar Door

Hangar doors are manufactured to allow planes enter hangar structures, it is larger than other pvc doors and more complex.


Stacking Door

Stacking doors have high-strength antioxidant aluminum reinforced ribs and good-shaped curtain with wind bars, its wind resistance is higher than high-speed doors.


Dongguan Xinyi Door Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial door supplier. We provide Hospital Door, Corridor Door, Clean Room Door, steel internal doors, rolling door pvc, pvc swing door, upvc swing door, plastic roll up doorand so on. Want to know about pvc rolling shutter price? Please contact us.


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