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Other ingredients, food additives, and solutions are also available upon request with the assurance that we source the best products at the best conditions from food additives distributorand food ingredient distributor.


Maltodextrin is a very common food ingredient that is applied in many foods, such as confections, ice cream, energy drinks, and candies. It is primarily used as a bulking agent and carrier in foods and ingredient blends. It has many functional properties such as good solubility, non-hygroscopicity, sugar crystal growth inhibition, spray dry carrier, reduced browning, the thickening agent providing viscosity, freezing point control, ease to digestion, and absorption by our body and a carbohydrate source with neutral or slightly sweetness.

Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate is used as a sweetener and sugar replacer in all kinds of foods and beverages. When used with cakes, it also helps to extend shelf life and keep soft texture.


Vanillin is a widely used flavoring agent in food and beverages such as dairy products, bakery products, confectionery and soft drinks. It can also be used as a masking agent to mask the bitterness from proteins or high intensity sweeteners.


Casein is a protein found in milk and other dairy products. It has a wide variety of applications such as cheese, creamers, and toppings.


Nicotinamide is widely used as a nutritional supplement in infant formula. It also helps to enrich noodle, corn meal, farina, rice, and macaroni products.


Glucose has benefits and functions of thickening, sweetening, and moisture-retaining. When used in conjunction with sugar, it is used for flavored candies and chocolates. It also helps to keep food products soft and fresh such as jams, jellies, chewing gums, and canned fruits.

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