6 Section Boom Concrete Pump Truck

The six section pump truck, as the name implies, is a product type of the pump truck. With the help of six steel arms, it creatively USES bionics technology to integrate the mechanism of human hand movement and insect foot movement into the design of concrete pump truck pump frame. It combines finite element, dynamic simulation and other advanced design methods. 

Advantage of 6 Section Boom Concrete Pump Truck

The six section technology greatly improves the utilization rate and flexibility of the arms frame. Compared with the five section boom, under the same length, the effective placing height is increased by 15%, and the effective placing range is increased by 20%. Meanwhile, based on the bionics design, the initial boom is long and end boom is short. The opening space is smaller, and the booms frame is more flexible. For example: At the same height of 50M, the real casting height of six section boom is more than 4M higher than that of five section boom. the 50M six booms =54M five booms. The pump truck has a higher cost performance.


The pump truck adopts three-level telescopic X leg, with innovative use of sprocket + tied oil cylinder of the supporting leg drive mode. It solved the X - type leg three - level stretching technical problem. By adopting the structure of six arms, the effective height of placing can be increased. Equipped with the function of unilateral support, it can satisfy different requirements from the construction site.


The pump truck adopts the super-large square volume pumping system, and the maximum theoretical square volume can reach 200 square meters/h. The pump square volume can reach 140 square meters/h even if it adopts high pressure. This 200/140 pump unit is configured as the highest level of pump square volume of domestic pump trucks. It adopts full-automatic high-low voltage switching technology, which enables the operation of high-low voltage switching to be completed as soon as the electric control button is pressed gently. There is no need to dismantle the pipe. It is without any leakage. And the blocked pipe can be removed quickly. What’s more, the use of the latest quick change pump oil cylinder, can greatly save the time of replacing concrete piston.


For the first time, it adopts a duplex remote control with feedback display. The remote control can display a lot of pump working data in real time screen. After combining the functions of the remote control and electric high and low voltage, the machine operator can clearly see the working status. It is more convenient for the operators to timely understand the operating parameters of the pump truck, and to better complete various tasks.


When selecting a concrete pump truck, we think about our authentic development needs. The longer the dimension of the concrete pump truck boom,the longer distance and the higher peak the material can be transported to. However, if it is used for concrete construction in some narrow building site, the long boom can also not be a right thing. The long arm will not only cause value waste, but additionally make the concrete pump truck unable to be deployed in such a construction site. Therefore, in the true manufacturing process, we should consider our constructing conditions, practicality, economy, safety, maintainability, In different respects, pick out a pump truck with the appropriate concrete pump truck dimensions. We must pick out concrete pump in accordance to the local establishing and therental market conditions. Teila supplies pump trucks with a range of boom sections, consisting of four sections, 5 sections and 6 sections.


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