49m Concrete Pimp Truck

The comprehensive energy consumption of the pumping hydraulic system of the upgraded 56 meter concrete pumptruck decreased by 4% year on year. Pumping control system efficiency increased by 5% ~ 8%. The vibration damping system of the arm frame reduces the vibration amplitude of the end of the arm frame by more than 0.4m. The stability error of anti - dumping system is less than 10%. The failure rate was reduced by nearly 50%. In addition, the updated product is equipped with material adaptability technology, which can effectively reduce the blocking rate of 65%.

In terms of product quality, the design of the structure parts such as the arm frame and the base frame supporting leg is optimized in accordance with the anti-fatigue standard of welding seams. The fatigue test life of the structure parts can reach 400,000 cubic meters without cracking. It is in the leading position in the industry. In order to reduce weld cylinder oil leakage rate of 50% and reduce the failure rate of pump delivery cylinder and swing cylinder by nearly half. The project team of the branch and Tele hydraulic research and development department set up a joint team. It optimizes the process, design and quality and greatly reduces the oil leakage rate of weld line. sharply lower oil cylinder welding seam permeability rate. In the aspect of manufacturing refinement, the product focuses on improving the appearance. Through the design of coating system and partial repair technology of the whole vehicle, the gloss of the whole vehicle is greatly improved. The aging resistance of the coating is improved, without rust, shedding or discoloration for two years. The designers also completed more than 10 refined design work, such as the optimal layout of the vacuum gauge.

In terms of intelligent technology, this product realizes the integration of products and "Internet +". It can diagnose faults remotely through the Internet, has the function of starting up and self-inspection. The diagnosis results are automatically pushed to the information platform of branch company. It can realize the connectivity of equipment and equipment, equipment and machine owner, and equipment and enterprise platform. The product can remember the historical working condition data and automatically match the best working mode. Based on 3G/4G technology, the product can realize remote upgrade of equipment control system, monitor and analyze the core data. In this way, it can improve the management level of concrete machinery products for customers.


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