Water Jet Cutting Machine

Affordable water jet machine china to make a difference in your cutting

If you are in the market for a machine to ream or shape materials while ensuring utter perfection in their details, Yongtao will cater to your needs. We offer CNC water jet cutters for high-precision processing of granite, steel, wood, glass, and even stone. Being at the forefront of innovative technologies, we make our machines upgraded with state-of-the-art solutions for multi-axis cutting at different vertical levels. They are also known for the following advantages:

- our machines are environmentally friendly


 - materials are cut without the use of melting and burning techniques


 - they don't cause surface hardening, as opposed to thermal processing


 - dust and hazardous gases are never an issue


 - our water jets perform at a high velocity, with up to 11.1 l/min in the flow rate


If you’re looking to enhance production efficiency at your facility, you can’t go wrong with these machines. Computer-controlled, they can be up and running for a long time, all while meeting your pressure control requirements. Plus, our water jet cutters leave no jagged edges on tiles, plates, or whatever products you need to shape.


Choose the best China water jet cutting machine for your facility

Whether you need a machine for stone, ceramic, or other materials, we’ve got you covered. Designed for high-pressure abrasive cutting, our equipment is beyond compare for businesses specializing in tile manufacturing, glassmaking, automobile parts production, and everything in between. Look through our curated selection to find what fits the bill.


As the water jet machine manufacturer that always listens to your needs, Yongtao will be happy to provide you with:


- pre-sales consultation


- fair quote


- after-sales service


- equipment installation assistance


What’s more, we take pride in providing you with satisfaction guarantees. Our waterjet cutting machines go through rigorous testing procedures to make sure they meet production standards and match the requirements of your facility. They are also covered by the one-year warranty for your more effective protection as Yongtao’s customer.

We are here to serve any industry and handle any order. Contact us to get a quote and all the required information on our water jets.

Water Jet Tile Cutter

Water jet tile cutting machine classify products is used in ceramic tile cutting field. Water jet cutting machine using high pressure water, mixed abrasive materials, such as garnet sand, the abrasive supply system through an air compressor put the sand into water jet cutting head, at the same time ultra-high pressure supercharger input high pressure water to the water jet cutting head.

Water Jet Stone Cutting Machine

Water jet stone cutting machine classify products is used in the stone industry. Water jet cutting machine use high pressure water and mixed abrasive materials, such as pomegranate sand, can precisely cut stone materials. Processing materials: marble, artificial stone, granite, rock plate, large ceramic plate, etc., widely used in stone parquet industry and stone plate industry.

Water Jet Glass Cutting Machine

Water jet glass cutting machine in the glass industry application, as a kind of cold cutting, water jet cutting is not only flexible cutting pattern, but also high cutting precision, widely used in the glass industry. For flat glass cutting, water jet glass cutting machine can produce any geometry you want. Whether it is cutting or drilling, water jet cutting can be handy.

Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine

Water jet metal cutting machine has been widely used in metal processing industry.Mosaic cutting machine through high pressure water, which working pressure is 330 MPa and the water flow is 11.1 L/min,mixed abrasive (garnet sand), can cut 1-70mm thickness metal slab. The material of metal include: steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal ma...

We provide glass water jet cutting machine for sale  ,if you need it,please contact us.


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