KT series high performance turbines have shot blasting machine sparesparts including blasting wheels provided with eight throwing blades locked into the wheel double-disc. The double-disc wheel offers the following advantages:

Improved abrasive flow for faster cleaning cycles

Direct mounted motors or spindles eliminate

manual wheel alignment issues

Easy front of housing access to runner head

Optional replaceable, long-lasting cast liners

Integrated dual labyrinth hub seal for superior abrasive containment

T-nuts assist in housing replacement

Integral U-shaped feed spout clamp for improved adjustment and assembly

Low speed and high speed direct drive motors

Direct coupled spindle drives allow for re-use of existing motors

Less part wear due to greater concentricity and more precise alignment

We are shotblast spares ltdmanufacturers and we have many shot blaster partsand blasting machine spare partsfor sale.

Direct-drive blasting turbines is a new type having advantages of high efficient blast turbines, elegant appearance, compact structure, low noise level, energy-efficient, environmental-friendly.Direct-drive blasting turbines

Belt-drive blasting turbines

Belt-drive blast turbines are conventional, large abrasive flow rate, good cleaning effect, etc. It is an essential part of the large shot blasting machine.

Blasting blade, blasting impeller, control cage made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron material, which greatly extends the service life.

The partial-thickness op guard, side guard, and end guard reach to 70mm, and the thickness of the ordinary guard is generally 12mm, greatly improved the wear resistance and service life of the guard plate, reducing the frequency and time of repair and replacement.

Shot Blasting Machine

QINGGONG MACHINERY shot blasting machine offers you an effective solution to deal with the surface of the workpieces, including remove the contaminant on the surface, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating to the workpiece. More specifically, the treatment of a shot blasting machine includes derusting, descaling, desanding, or deburring of the workpieces. Other uses are such as surfaces shot peening, finishing, and roughening of surfaces so as to make coat better.

As the shot blasting machine manufacturer, QINGGONG MACHINERY mainly supplies four types of partial reclaim systems, including sweep-chute floor, single screw, H-shaped partial reclaim system, and U-shape partial reclaim system.

QINGGONG MACHINERY also offers a full spectrum of blast room reclaim floor designs and configurations. Our full floor reclaim system requires merely a shallow concrete foundation. The type of sandblasting room is carefully designed to lift working effiency.


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