Multi head CNC Router

The multi-head cnc routersupport spindle integrated control for multi-head from 2 to 8pcs, can delivery command to spindles to work in tandem, also can work similarly as CNC router with an auto tool changer. When the first spindle complete its work, the second spindle can go on its own work automatically. This kind of multi cncrouter can be determined based on machined material, and 3d engraving can also be achieved by equipping ordinary engraving machine with rotating axis. Multihead CNC machinescomes with various specifications to fit different customers’demands. And mainly used for mass production, such as embossing, art and wood-assembled toys, furniture art inlays and decorations, etc.

Blue Elephant multi-head CNC router can not only realize the processing requirements of multiple spindles working at the same time, but also meet the requirements of successive spindle work. Blue Elephant CNC supplies multi spindle cnc router for saleto meet any of your processing needs. To learn more about our Multi head CNCRouter, browse our range below:

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Jinan blue elephant cnc machinery co ltdis a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. Our main products include ATC CNC router, 4 axis cnc router, high-end customized furniture production line, luxury nesting CNC machine, mature wardrobe nesting machine, CNC five-sided drilling, six-sided drilling, CNC machining center, automatic drilling machine, CNC drilling, etc. All our CNC routers are widely used in plate-type furniture, custom cabinet, solid wooden furniture and some other non-metal machining areas.


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