Rockwool Continuous Sandwich Panel Production Line

The rockwool sandwich panel production lineis one continuous and automatic line that integrates mechanism, electrical controlling, hydraulic system and polyurethane chemical reaction technology. The rock wool sandwich panel production lineadopts advanced international roll forming technology, digital servo technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic controlling technology, automatic stacking technology.

The advantages of this rock wool sandwich panel machineare the following:

1) High automatization. The wholerockwool productionline adopts one full computer integration controlling system of digital servo technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic controlling technology, which realizes whole connection, collecting control and collecting management. Adopt the cutting style of cut to length without machine stop, so that realize full automatically.

2) High efficiency. The production speed of rockwool sandwich panel machineis 3~8m/min(adjustable according to product forming requirement). The annual product capacity of this line can reach to 800000 M2 (count on the base of 250work days per year and 10 work hours per day)

3) Easy operation. Adopt collecting controlling system, using man-machine conversation. After preparing for the raw material and finishing other production requirements, input required parameters, then the machine can make the product automatically.

4) Low production cost. Developing the machine's automatization, the whole line only needs 5-8 operators to operate the machine fully, which saves much labor cost and production management cost for enterprises.

Main Parameters ofRockwool Continuous Sandwich Panel Production Line

Sandwich panel specification:

Length: Min cutting length is 2.5 m

Max cutting length is 12m

Width: (see profile drawing)

Thickness: (see profile drawing)

Raw material specification:

coil thickness: 0.4~0.6 mm (steel be flat without ups and downs, deformation and bending)

sheet yield stress: ≤235MPa

coil max width: 1250 mm (tolerance±2mm)

coil max weight: 5T

coil ID: Φ500 and Φ600 mm

coil OD: Φ1000 mm

Rock wool material: fiber length is >100mm, and the fiber should be arranged vertically, volume density is ≥70kg/m3, one-piece length is ≥3m.

EPS material: volume density is ≥18kg/m3, each edge nonstraightness is ≤1mm/m, radian is ≤3mm/m, the panel surface should be flat, roughness is <1.5mm/m, EPS panel one-piece length is ≥3m.

EPS material width: min width is 1/2mm of the sandwich panel width.

Machine rockwool specification:

Work line speed: 4000m/min (adjustable)

Machine length: about 70 m

Working height: 1050 mm(panel output height)

Laminating effective length: 7.5m

Control way: adopt industrial computer PLC

Total power: about 45 kw

Power: 380V/3phase/50 Hz

control voltage: 24 V/110 V/220 V

pneumatic: 0.7 Mpa (self-prepared by the factory)

best working temperature: around 25℃

Component List ofRock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line





5T passive decoiler (upper forming system)


Loading capacity is ≤5t


Upper roll forming machine


With slitting and waste edge winder

Lower roll forming machine


Connecting roller of upper & lower forming system

Each 1set

Platform, stair and rail of upper roll forming machine



Rock wool transfer device


Rock wool edge cutting device


Dust collector



Rock wool clamp device

Each 1 set


Laminator host


Effective length 7.5m


Saw cutting system


Upper & lower saw


Support frame



Electric control system


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